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The latest news, poetry, music, and more is posted here.

Lists of poem and song indexes are below.

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Below are  the are the most recent poems and songs by the following writers, in alphabetical order, within these categories:

Special Featured Poems, Prose, and Lyrics

Invited Singers and Songwriters

Continuing Features

Poetry and Lyrics in Special Features

On page one:

Classic Cowboy Poems and Songs

Honored Guests (invited poets and songwriters)


Full index of all poems and songs alphabetical by artists' names

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There is a full index of all poems and songs here and all of a person's works are posted on the poet or songwriter's page.



There are these special collections, also added to regularly:

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Special Features


 Singers and Songwriters

Singin' Sam Agins
Star Boarder
Dude Roundup
Rancher's Widow

Mike Beck
Don't Tell Me

Amanda Come Home

In Old California

Dale Burson
A Life More Than This

Sign on the Gate
The Hand

T. J. Casey
The Story of the Cowboy
The Corral
Old Friend
In the Cowboy Hall of Fame
The Wagon Wreck
Ridin' Out
Cowboy Christmas Time
The American Cowboy

The Same Home on the Range

Patty Clayton
Ben and Ole's Land
Pa'u Riders
The Vaquero and Me

Dean Cook
Grubline Carol
Flying Bill's Ride
A Good Ride
The New Cowboy's Lament

Stephanie Davis
Baling Twine
Goodnight Little Cowpup

Trail's End Theme Song

Bodie Dominquez
Fifty's Just a Number

A Cowboy's Heaven

Merry Christmas

Ray Doyle
The Emigrant Trail
The Jewel
The Jigger Boss

Will Dudley
Dreams of Long Ago
A Cowboy Farewell (with Diane Tribitt)

Don Edwards
Minstrel of the Range
The Ballad of Jack Thorp

Richard Elloyan
The Series
The Windmill Man
The Coffee Shop
Favorite Photograph

Juni Fisher
I Will Miss Ireland Forever

Chinaman Jack

The Same River

Goodnight Good Pony (for Joelle Smith)
Fly Without Leaving the Ground

Michael Fleming (New West)
The Rodeo Nobody Knows
Sometimes This Old Cowboy Gets the Blues

Fair Winds and Gentle Seas

Belinda Gail
Mail Order Bride

Horse Corral Meadow
She is a Cowgirl

Tammy Gislason
In The Wind
The Senorita's Song
The Ghost Rider
A Cowgirl's Prayer

DW Groethe
There's a Silence
 Fifty a Day
The Fence
A Charlie Creek Christmas
The Great Hay Yard Assault of '04 or The Sad State of Cowboy Job Security
The Funeral
Under the Dim and Nodding Sky
One for the Workin' Cowboy
That Ol' Red, White and Blue
Yearlin' Heifers
Just Like A Chinook  
The Bunny Poem
Midnight, Somewheres in August
The Carhartt Song

Pens and Pockets
A Cowboy's Education
My Father's Horses
Let Me Tell You 'Bout Weanin'
'Twas a Fright Before Christmas or Snake Eye Saves the Day
When There's Frost Upon the Ponies
Lady Luck Takes a Break
Over Yonder
This Old Post
I Know the Song
The Legend of Little Buddy the Christmas Steer
The Coffee Song
Panic at the Pole or Jake Rides Again

Kerry Grombacher
Along the John Day River
An Old Cowboy Growing Older
Never Come Again
Who Set This Fire?

Crosses on the Side of the Road
Highway 281

Wylie Gustafson (Wylie and the Wild West)
The Gather
Yodeling Fool
Room to Roam
A Good One

Where Horses are Heroes
16 Hands

21st Century Blues

R. W. Hampton
Born to be a Cowboy

Donnie Catch a Horse

For the Freedom
The Master's in Everything
 Rodeo Man

Paul Harris
Chaps and Braids
I've Been Doing This
Rancher's Daughter

Andy Hedges
Texas Braggin'
City Boys

The Glitterbus with Andy Wilkinson

Brenn Hill
Pickup Truck Café
Call You Cowboy
The Store

What A Man's Got To Do
Bruneau Canyon
High Country
Ode to Selway
Spirit Rider

Harold Hill
San Antonio Sweetheart
Cowboy Up
Little Cowgirl Goodnight

Fletcher Jowers
When The Roses Bloom Next Spring
Ol Snake
A Memory of Jim

Johnny Kendrick
Echoes of the Trail
Trail City
Dear Allison
School Work
Wild Prairie Rose
Keener Than a Briar
Ozark Rocks

Allan Michael Kirby
"The Black Ace—Yodellin' Hitch Hiker
Broken Dreams of My Sweetheart
Canyon Blues
Hobo's Heartbreak
Gunswift Ranger
Land of My Childhood Dreams

Gary McMahan
The Best Cowboys Ain’t  Always Human
A Cowboy'in Day
The Two Things in Life (That I Really Love)
The Ol' Double Diamond

Peggy Malone
Singin' A Cowboy Song
Appaloosa Running Through my Mind
My Cheyenne Cowboy

Mary Kaye
The Dawn and the Dusk
Ride a Wide Circle
Jealous of the Moon

Bruce Matley
The Ranch that I Can't See

Curly Jim Musgrave
The General Store
(Big Enough to Wear) My Daddy's Hat
Thanks (The Old Cowboy's Prayer)
The Heritage
Cowboy in a Hardhat
Curly's Song
Father to Father  
Only a Cowboy Knows, with Belinda Gail
Prairie Silent Night

Ken Overcast
Givin' a Little Back 
The Longhorn-Harley Davidson Cross
Montana Lullaby

Ol' Fishhook
A Cowboy's Christmas Prayer 

Bob Petermann
Old Cowboy Waltz
Ranching's Final Stand

Jean Prescott
Fair Blows the Wind with Gary Prescott
Saddle Tale with Yvonne Hollenbeck
Old Hank Morgan's Place with Dee Strickland Johnson
Sweethearts in Carhartts special feature

John Reedy
Buckaroo Girl

Aspen & Alpenglow
Beautiful Cubicle

Jared Rogerson
Just One of the Guys

Ride My Horse More

14 Miles from Omaha

Dave Stamey
Spin That Pony
The Circle
Come Ride With Me
Sharon Littlehawk

Twelve Mile Road
Song for Jake

Red Steagall
The Fence That Me and Shorty Built

Born to This Land
The Memories in Grandmother's Trunk

Gail Steiger
A Cowboy's Prayer

Romance of Western Life

Bethany Zill
Where Roots Run Deep


Continuing Features (Poetry, Prose, News, and more) 

(classic poems and songs without full features for the author

Cowboy Jam Session
Jeri Dobrowski
(monthly column)

Western Air
Rick Huff
(quarterly column)

American Life in Poetry
Ted Kooser, U. S. Poet Laureate


updated weekly

Picture the West
Updated weekly: visitors' vintage and contemporary 
photos of the rural West, (send yours)


See a list of all features here ...



Poetry and lyrics in Special Features:

Ed Brown
Larry McWhorter, Cowboy, Too Early

Kip Calahan
Thank You for Your Support, with Andy Nelson
Things a Cowboy Knows, with Pat Richardson

Shawn Cameron
Cactus, Sand and Stone (or Corrientes and the Cowboy)
The Echo of Jangling Spurs

Arthur J. Cantin
I Don't Want to Just Survive

Janice Coggin
The Ride

Mason Coggin
We Mine Copper

Cardiac Cowboys
Chris Isaacs, Sunny Hancock, Jesse Smith

John C. Dofflemyer
Near Mote, Nevada

Elizabeth Ebert
For Howard for Howard Parker

A. W. Erwin

Peggy Godfrey
Elko Reflections
 (in introduction to Virginia Bennett's Cowboy Poetry, The Reunion)

Kathy Herndon
Joelle's Gifts for Joelle Smith

Alice Corbin Henderson
Ten Thousand Texas Rangers

Jim Jones
All My Trails Lead Home with Rick Huff
Only a Cowboy Knows with Rick Huff

Waddie Mitchell
Story with a Moral
Recipe for a Cowboy Poet (about Chris Isaacs)

Christmas Waltz
From "And As I Rode Out on the Morning":
A Ponder

Lorraine Rawls
Through Her Eyes for Joelle Smith

Johnie Schneider
The Black Beauty 

Clara Smith
for Joelle Smith

Andy Wilkinson
His Stubborn Soul for Buck Ramsey
Scattering Cowboy Ashes for Buck Ramsey
Buck Ramsey (two articles)

Jary D. Winstead
Through Rudy's Eyes for Joelle Smith

Lists of poem and song indexes are above.



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