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Walsenburg, Colorado
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Dreams of Long Ago

That old sombrero on mi amigo was once the finest in the county
And those buckles and spurs used to shine til they'd glow
And all the pretty senoritas still hear him come riding
In his Dreams of Long Ago.

There's a lady in El Paso wears a locket made of gold
It was the gift of a cowboy who sang sweet and low
There were no finer nights than the nights that he stole
In her Dreams of Long Ago

Thru the desert runs a highway just as far as he can see
And sometimes in the evening, he saddles up in pleasant dreams
And all those pretty senoritas that the old man used to know
Take him back to long ago.

Across the Pecos, to Balmorhea where the cowboy still rides
Is a station on the highway that has all but up and died
And the old man on the front porch picks his guitar soft and low
As he dreams of long ago.

2004, Will Dudley  
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Will says he wrote this poem "...after seeing a painting of an old cowboy in a sombrero and gauntlets, looking dismayed while sitting holding an old 78 record in his hand... it was a Norman Rockwell painting [Dreams of Long Ago] ...The title of the 78 was "Dreams of Long Ago"...  I put it to music, making it a waltz..."

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About Will Dudley:

I've worked as a cowboy, a lineman, a songwriter, a roadie, a waiter, a singer, and a salesman and carpenter. I've been a musician all my life, I play guitar and sing. I've owned 2 businesses. I've been in all 50 states, but grew up on Air Force bases in France and Germany, Illinois, Oklahoma and South Carolina.

I am a Vietnam vet. I was widowed at the age of 22 in 1974, I never remarried. I rode a horse into the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in 2000 and sang in front of their courtyard fountain for 300 bankers, and was consequently flown to Dallas by an ex-mayor of that wonderful city to entertain. I entertained regularly at the Wickenburg Inn (Merv Griffin), Rancho de los Caballeros, Fairmount Princess in Scottsdale, the McDonalds Ranch on Scottsdale Blvd., and the Kay El Bar guest ranch in Wickenburg from '99 until 2002, when I was severely injured in an auto accident in Colorado while traveling to Gunnison. I live in Walsenburg, Colorado, and sing cowboy songs at the Rainbow Trout, the Powderhorn, the Waunita Hot Springs, the North Fork, Tumbling River and Echo Canyon guest ranches, all in Colorado.  

Visit Will Dudley's web site: and his My Space page. Learn more about his music and listen at those sites and at CD Baby. His CDs include:


  True Lies and Other Legends

  Trying to Rope the Moon

  Heart at Work

  Colorado Horses



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