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England's Graham Lees presents The Western Hour as a part of his weekly The Country Connection show, available on the radio. Selections from that show are available on demand on the internet in a monthly program called The Western Hour, at www.twangtownusa.com (program #13).

Graham Lees' radio show also includes an hour of bluegrass, and selections from that hour are available on the Twang-Grass show at www.twangtownusa.com.

The Western Hour show features Western swing, cowboy music, and cowboy poetry.

All CDs submitted are given consideration for airplay:
Graham Lees
13 Overthorpe Ave
Dewsbury, West Yorkshire WF12 0DS
Visit Graham Lees' web site:   www.grahamlees.co.uk
You can email Graham Lees:  graham@grahamlees.co.uk



Graham Lees comments:

I also record some of my shows for a charity for blind and disabled people based in England who can listen to country music radio shows at day centres. They also put the shows on CD to be sent to the homes of members who can't get to the day centres. 

I've done a lot of other kinds of shows that are not connected to country or western music, such as swing and big band. Also I've done specialist shows such as profiles of the likes of Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Elvis, Roy Orbison, The Everley Brothers and Buddy Holly where I narrate the story of their careers and include appropriate music. On the country and western side I've done specialist shows with interviews I've done with the likes of Don Edwards, Red Steagall, Michael Martin Murphey, R.W. Hampton and others, [with music included].


Graham tells about his show and his interest in Western music and poetry:   

It is my greatest pleasure to promote and draw fans here in the UK to Western music and poetry through the internet-based show The Western Hour.  I also present a weekly two-hour show, "The Country Connection," featuring The Western Hour on HWD Community Radio (similar to US Public Radio). 


The Western Hour is all Western Swing and Cowboy music. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the bands and artists who have personally given me their CDs at the events that I’ve attended over the years in the USA and especially the many American and Canadian artists who have sent their product to me through the post. 


I was born Graham Lees in Manchester, England and was given the handle “Golden Graham” by my best friend’s wife some 20 years ago. I started writing under this name for the British country music press in 1993.  Golden Graham is known and heard all over the world. In the 70’s my interest was drawn to the jazz-based western swing music of Bob Wills after hearing a local band play "New San Antonio Rose." It was a privilege to meet Bob’s daughter Rosetta in 2001 at The Legends Of Western Swing Festival, Wichita Falls, Texas.


As a kid I was always fascinated by the cowboy and in particular the silver screen cowboys including Hopalong Cassidy, who I would see at the Saturday matinee in the local cinema.  As Nashville changed and corrupted country music in the 1990’s I renewed my interest in cowboy music.  My first trip to the USA was in 2000 when I started obtaining more music of modern day western artists.  In 2002 I started presenting on radio and incorporated the Western Hour into my shows.


The Western Hour can be heard streaming on the Internet at www.twangtownusa.com  #13 on the radio schedule page and ‘Twang~Grass’ (all bluegrass show) #24.  Both shows change each month.


My most recent project is a series of shows, "Guess Who’s In Town," that includes an interview and music of a western artist that is occasionally found streaming on The Western Hour.


I am a member of the Western Music Association, the Academy of Western Artists, and the the British Country Music Association.











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