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About Wayne Rodgers



Rabbits Revenge

I was headin' for home
at the end of the day,
a ridin' the Black
and leadin' the Bay.

I stopped on a hill
just for a short break,
never thinking at all 
it might be a mistake.

The dogs were sniffing
all over the place,
when up jumped a rabbit
right in the Bay's face.

The Bay kinda stood there
all silent and still,
then followed the rabbit
right over the hill.

I tried hard to hold him
but just couldn't stand,
the burn of the rope
as it pulled through my hand.

The pull of the rope
leaned me way to the side,
I was in trouble
'cause then the Black shied.

I looked at the sky
then down at the dirt,
I thought to myself
"Boy will this hurt".

The ground rushed to meet me
I lit on my face,
scattering dust
all over the place.

The horses were gone
by the time I arose,
with three pounds of dust
all packed up my nose.

I don't fall off much
it's not a good habit,
just give me revenge
now where is that rabbit.

2007, Wayne Rodgers
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

About Wayne Rodgers:

I was born in Colorado and raised in Arizona. I embrace the Cowboy ethic by being an active member and past-president of the West Pinal Mounted Sheriff's Posse.  I use my horses for team roping, trail riding, parades and search and rescue missions.



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