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Caroline, Alberta
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Riding Drag

How many hours have you rode looking at the tail end of a cow
With a sweaty horse beneath your saddle, your knees aching now
Long days in the saddle are often made glorious in song
But thirty miles, on top of a horse can make it seem long

When the gate comes in view, you wonder how you’ll stand
Your legs are so stiff and sore, you wonder how to land?
Thank God for that good dog, that’s following behind you
She’s so good at rounding up and doing what you can’t do

There’s an old sneak out in the slough eating grass
This is where the dog comes in, the top of her class
She slips out there through the long grass, on the trail
Gets right up there and grabs that cow by the tail

That cow lights out on there with the dog in tow
We get a good laugh out of the old dog and her show
She hits the ground with her tongue out, full of joy
She’s made for the job and worth a million to this old boy

© 2009, Vivia Oliver
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

Vivia Oliver comments, "I was inspired to write this one by our old dog that went with me for many miles chasing cows out in the bush of central Alberta.  She was a priceless helper."


  About Vivia Oliver:
provided 2013

I am a retired farm woman, a great grandmother, and have been widowed many years. I live on a farm in west central Alberta and raise miniature horses for a hobby. I have lived near here all my life and have done many different rural activities, such as worked in the lumber industry, milked cows, trained horses, drove tractors, and all forms of farm chores.

I started writing short stories and articles about 20 years ago, I have been an artist, and I love to travel. I started writing poetry about 8 years ago and have written a few songs as well.

I have performed in many areas, of Alberta, Sask. B.C. and Montana. I belong to the Alberta Cowboy Poetry Assoc., the Writers’ Guild of Alberta, and Inscribe Writers.

I have self-published a poetry book in 2008, titled Verses by Vivia. I have a second book out now, The Second Go ‘Round, containing 65 original poems ($15 postpaid). I have put together the Cowboy Church Hymnal.

Vivia Oliver, Caroline, AB



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