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It was fun riding horses when I was a kid
All over the pasture and heaven forbid
When you got the cows home and the count came up shy
It was back to the pasture, I'd pretend to cry
I'd waste as much daylight as I could looking 'round
But I knew all the time where that calf had laid down
I'd ride north and south just watching the sun
and get home just after the milking was done.

Feeding those critters wasn't so bad
I felt like a big shot out there helping my Dad
I'd grab a pitch fork and start pitching hay
If I'd feed a bale it would take me all day
I could carry something, usually buckets of grain
I may have been lazy, but let me explain
I'd even carry slop to the barrows and sows
Anything, to keep from milking those cows.

But they finally caught on to my little scheme
Milking each one by hand, no milking machine
From one to the next just trying to get done
And getting slapped in the face with their tails was no fun
Then the cats would line up, each had their place
I'd get a big handful and squirt milk in their face.
If I would miss, I would leave a milk trail
Dad said I better get some milk in the pail

Those days were some dandys, when I was a kid
There was all kinds of silly stuff that I did
Sometimes I'd saddle up and use store bought tack
But most of the time it was a rope and bareback
With a corn stalk for a gun and lots of pasture to ride
A good horse to take me and a dog by our side
Wonderful memories made those old days
But milking those cows wasn't one of the ways,

2014, Vic Schaff
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  About Vic Schaff
provided 2014

I was born on a farm north east of Bowman, North Dakota. After the 1936 drought and hail-out, selling cream was about our only income that I knew anything about, so milking a bunch of cows was it. I retired from the US Navy in 1970, settled in Colorado Springs and went to work in the Postal Service. A few years later we bought 40 acres out north east of town and run a few head of cows, but by golly we never milked any. After I retired from the Post Office the wife wouldn't go feed them anymore so I sold 'em. I've been a musician for many years and always like the rhyming of the songs so I suppose that's why I like to write little poems, usually for brothers' and cousins birthdays.' Just fun.



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