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About Trish Millard



You Think You're a Horseman

You reckon you know horses
I could teach you somethin' new
You with all your knowledge
And a pompass attitude
You reckon you're a horseman
With your perfect dressage score
And those ribbons from the show ring
From your mounts without a flaw

Have you ever rode a stock horse
Through a river in full flood
Raging torrents where the water's
Cold enough to freeze your blood
Or climbed the snowy mountains
Your horse scrambling on it's knees
To take you up the steepest peak
Whilst dodging rocks and trees

Have you ever mustered cattle
Through scrub or desert sands
Where the heat can be relentless
More than man or beast can stand
Imagine chasing brumbies
Through the dreaded Queensland bush
Forty miles to the station yards
Always dodging flailing hooves

Could you stay seated in the saddle
For fourteen hours straight
Just to bring the mail through
Not wanting to be late
Then mount again next morning
On a young unbroken colt
And break him in an hour
Though he may buck and rear and bolt

Ya still think you're a horseman
Think that you can beat 'em all
Just because you've won some ribbons
And you've never had a fall
Well if you've never ridden horses
In the way I've just described
You're certainly not a horseman
Not through a bushman's eyes.

Trish Millard
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


About Trish Millard:

I live in Australia on a station of 15,000 acres where we run sheep, cattle and breed Australian stock horses. We play a game called polocrosse and also campdraft. Up until 5 years ago I rode broncs in rodeos only here we don't have female events so I had to compete against the men as I was the only female riding broncs in Australia at the time. I started writing poetry about 10 years ago and I really enjoy reading bush and cowboy poetry.



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