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Auburn, California
About Tony Engberg




Just Another Mornin'

4:00 AM Friday I turn off the alarm
(Which means "throw the dog out that's lickin' my arm"),
Trip to the bathroom (over dogs still asleep),
Fill the wash basin (cold water, it's cheap),
Check out my stubble (now four days old),
Don't need a touchup ('sides, the razor's too cold),
Pull on my long johns ('least those are clean),
Find yesterday's socks where I left 'em to lean,
Reach for my jeans (Should I wear a clean pair?
Nah, these are just startin' to smell like horse hair.)
Head down to the kitchen as I put on my shirt,
Only step on one cat (Man! That sounds like it hurt!),
Fix a good breakfast (cold tacos and Coke;
I'll have a big steak when I'm not quite so broke),
Go git my boots from outside by the wood
(I hate them black widda's, so I shake 'em out good),
Reach for my hat (Where'd that hoof print come from?),
Then stroll to the barn (Man it's cold! Better run!).

Ol' Charlie nickers (expectin' grass hay),
I throw him alfalfa (he'll earn it today),
I grab a clean blanket (I washed it last year
An' the brown stuff that's on it came from a prize steer),
Then haul down my saddle (them leathers ain't worn,
That latigo's s'posed to look like it's been torn),
Next bit, bridle, reins, my spur and my rope
(I'd put on both spurs, but one's bent beyond hope).

At quarter past five we head out through the gate
(Quarter past five!?  Man, I hate startin' late!)
The sun is just breakin' up over the hill,
For a moment we pause and let go of the chill
As the rays of ol' Sol warm the fields of hay,
Then we turn towards the herd and ride into our day.

2005, Tony Engberg
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

Tony told us, "The inspiration for this poem, as with all of those I've written, can be found in the tracks that experience has left across my mind.  Lookin' back
on them conjures up memories that I feel pressed to put down in a form that will let others feel something akin to what I've felt, or at least shake their heads at what I'm talking about."

About Tony Engberg:

Tony's poetry has been published in western magazines:

"Remuda" (Western Horseman, April 1994)
"July in Cheyenne" (
Western Horseman, July 1998)
"Just Another Roundup" (
American Cowboy, January/February 1999)



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