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Silence and beauty
Interrupted only by the rhythmic
Careful steps on the dusty trail

Leather creaks
Attentive ears flinch back
Only until settled back in the saddle again

Dust flickers
Illuminated by the early rays
As each fleck leaves a smoky memory

Gentle rocking
Soothes the aching heart
The sky speaks understanding

And solitude answers

© 2009, Tobie Medina
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Tobie comments:  My submission is selected from a compilation of poems, expressions and articulations bound together in an introspective journey to sort through the pieces of a lifetime puzzle. The undeniable fiber of life is as diverse as the old west—passions, quests and fortunes sought to find a better way of life, challenged by the lawless and ungovernable, yet balanced by the awe of nature and creation.




  About Tobie Medina:

Inquisitiveness is the hue in my spectrum of life—curious and retrospective, yet forward thinking—its mysteries and revelations should be shared to benefit those who are placed in our lives. Raising three children and married to the man that paints my rainbow, my interests range from artistic expressions through writing, music, cooking, gardening, to the more intense side of hiking, jogging and skiing. A day in paradise would be family faces and open spaces, riding any one of my three horses on a brisk sunkissed afternoon—counting the colors in a rainbow.




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