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The slate colored mare was dappled, like snow-flakes landing in mud.
Half a glance left you knowing just how worn out Sable felt.
Maybe not age in years, since Sable counted in sighs.
Willful work with no nourishment left her hips like doorknobs.
Once a fluttering fabulous flag, her tail hung like a wet sheet on the line.
Ears displayed disinterest as her head now hung low,
instead of the high headed pride of a youthful filly.

Excited volunteers bustled on the ranch in high spirits.
Enlightened as to what was going to take place
once the stock trailer arrived and was unloaded.
Animals that lived on Shadeland Horse Rescue Ranch
were accustomed to new arrivals, a bounty of broken friends to cherish.
The proprietors had never yet been able to propose such a reunion.
Paperwork had proven that Sable had been a mom more than once.
Her third foal would now be her charm.

A new guest gelding was led off the truck, and let out a war cry,
for he was not aware that he was now in a safe forever home,
where peaceful pastures, were made for grazing gracefully, unfettered.
A dream existence, as he awakened from his nightmare life.
Sable, who watched with mild interest of the new arrival
felt a serious stirring within, as she consumed his cry.
From within her a new sighs, a sense she was woven whole.
The humans swallowed lumps and the gelding slightly jumped
in response to the old gal's throaty warble in reply.

Her head came up, that tattered tail sheet did too.
She went from a walk, to a trot, slow and labored.
Her confident self-carriage, something never yet witnessed.
Her demeanor determined, as she sidled up to the splintered board fence.
That no name gelding nearly purred as he pulled his nose toward
Sable, his Dam and momentarily magnificent mother.
Recognition ran between two tired tenuous creatures, separated since birth.
Trainers tears tumbled as sounds rumbled from within each equine.
Everything stopped for a time, until Dan the manager
responsible for this reunion, spoke with careful crumbly words;
"Put em together forever and they will be Sable and Able from now on."

2015, Thasia Anne Lunger
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without permission.



  About Thasia Anne Lunger
        provided 2015

Thasia Anne is a great-grandmother, at the same time she is actually a senior at Edinboro University working on her social work degree. Not far from her hometown is the remnants of Shadeland. Built in 1888 by the Powell Brothers it supplied fine riding and carriage horses across the US and even for the Queen of England. More Clydesdale stallions were on the stud books there, than in country of origin back then. Thasia has had a lifelong dream of buying and restoring it back to grandeur, as Shadeland Horse Rescue Ranch.




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