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We all just called him Shorty,
And everyone knew why.
He'd helped to raise many a kid,
And was never short on try.

When it came to working cattle,
Or just loafin' away the day.
He wasn't one to rattle,
And had his own easy way.
Well Shorty passed away last spring,
The Good Lord called him home.
To his pasture up in heaven,
Where he'll be free to roam.

For Shorty was our pony,
And we all miss him so.
But we know that we will see him,
When it's our time to go.

Where the grass is always green,
And the sky is always blue.
There will be our amigo,
Waiting for us too.

Tim Graham, 3/3/98

The Wedding Day

It was a bright and sunny day,
This Saturday the third of May.
The guests would be arriving soon
For a wedding there this afternoon.

A cowboy wedding of the Old West Style
Is what this day would see.
With the coosie at the wagon,
Get'in ready for the folks to feed.

The setting was of yesteryear,
That of an old west town.
With carriages, covered wagon,
And a stagecoach to be found.

The preacher in his Sunday best
On a white mule he did ride.
" I hear there's to be a wedding today,"
his tired old voice did cry.

The bride in her prairie dress
Of peach and white and lace.
As pretty as a desert flower,
A nervous smile upon her face.

The groom and the best man
In frock, vests, and hats.
With mule eared boots, spurs
And mustaches that were waxed.

Well the time was finally here
For the wedding to begin.
With a song of "Prairie Girls" and love
The bride and groom came in.

The vows and rings they were exchanged,
The I do's they were said.
With a song of "Partners" and tears of joy,
The bride and groom were wed.

The friends and family they were fed
Of brisket, beans, and bread
And some were found afterwards,
Looking for a place to rest their heads.

The people then were entertained,
By the "Saddle Tramps" and me.
Of stories, poems, and songs,
Of this cowboy life you see.

And now as we will go thru life,
And share each day to be.
We'll look back and remember when,
My "Prairie Girl" and me.

1997 Tim Graham, All Rights Reserved


The Wire Gap

This old Wire gap brings back
   memories of when I was a kid.
I helped grandpa and dad to put up that wire:
   they was proud of the job that I did.

I worked right along with them,
   stretchn' that wire till each one was tight.
But when it came time to close it,
   well that turned into a fight.

No matter how hard I tried,
   I just couldn't get it to close.
It seemed like that loop and that post
   were missing each other by a nose.

While Grandpa and Dad
   were having quite a laugh.
I was startn' to feel
   like I'd got the shaft.

So I pull that post out of the bottom loop
   and stuck the top thru first.
Thinkn' this will make things easier,
   about then is when I wanted to curse.

Well I wasn't about to give up
   and let this here gap beat me.
Not with Dad and Grandpa
   a standing there to see.

So I set the bottom back thru the loop
   and put my shoulder against the top.
Wrapped my arm around that last fence post
   and pull like I was never gonna' stop.

Well the post finally moved over far enough
   that the loop came down to latch.
And I was sure relieved, till I realized,
   that I was part of the catch.

My coat had bunched up at the top of the post
   the loop was now around.
It had me trapped there like a calf
   that's been throwed and tied down.

Now Grandpa and Dad thought this was hilarious,
   they were both bent over holdin' their sides.
And there I was, now part of the fence,
   and there weren't nowhere that I could hide.

With one more push and using the brim of my hat
   I lifted that loop just right.
I got myself free from this fence don't ya see,
   and availed from this devilish plight.

Now this old gap is a needin' a fix,
   and I'm finding myself a little betwixed.
Of saving my youngin' the same kind of fate,
   or just takin' it down and hangin' a gate.

2002, Tim Graham All Rights Reserved


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About Tim Graham

Tim Graham has performed at the National Cowboy Hall Of Fame in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Red Steagall's Cowboy Gathering in Ft. Worth, the Texas State Fair in Dallas and plenty elsewhere's.  

Tim Graham  On the Trail


Visit Tim Graham's web site.



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