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A Cowboy's Life

        Some people think a cowboy's life is full of glamour, adventure and
desire, but they never feel the broken bones or the loneliness of freezing
by a fire.

        These people think of Roy and Dale, John Wayne or Clint Eastwood ya
see, but that's because it's all they know and they learned it from t.v.

        They've never felt the spray of blood when you've just de-horned a
cow, but people if you'll listen close, these things I'll explain to ya now.

        The smell of hair and hide a burnin as your brandin calves all day,
it sometimes gets to ya a little but ya just keep working away.

        Then there's the vaccinatin and crastratin and puttin the oysters
aside for the count, when this is all done ya ain't finished yet, now ya got
to saddle your mount.

        Next, ya push em on out to the pasture where maybe you'd gathered em
earlier that day, then back to the barn to take care of your horse, this is
the real cowboy way.

        So ya see folks, a cowboy's life isn't as glamorous as it's made out
to be, and the next time you think that it's full of adventure, your
probably just watching t.v.

2003, Terry McGahey


About Terry McGahey:

I was raised in a small town called Glen Avon in S. California in the 50s and 60s. Back then if it wasn't for the Bravo cattle ranch Glen Avon wouldn't even have existed. I became an Ironworker (high rise buildings) and moved to Las Vegas in 1971. I was injured and retired in 1989. 

At that point I went back to my roots and started working cows all around Tombstone and Wilcox Arizona. While in Arizona I also did some movie stuff. I did a narration for A&E television about Boot Hill in Tombstone. I was one of the guys you had to quick draw against in a video called the "Bounty Hunter." I was in a movie called "Four Eyes and Six Guns," and I was the card player that Billy Bob Thornton was threatening to kill in the movie "Tombstone. Also while in Tombstone I was the person who fought them over their illegal gun ordinance and beat them in court in the end. I have since fully retired because of the danged injuries and I now live in Cody, Wyoming. 




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