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About Teresa Stockton



Big Sky Country

Will I ever be near you again--
The mountains and streams that I love...
The meadow spread out, in all of its glory,
As the "Big Sky" looms up above?

The velvet-covered rack of the elk,
And the occasional sight of a bear--
The eagle soars from above us all,
A fawn and its mother, never a more graceful pair.

These are the creatures of "Big Sky"
That God so abundantly gives--
They roam there in peace and serenity,
And with the fortunate, that in Montana live.

It's something I can't explain--
It's a love I have for that land...
And if "land" were a living, breathing thing,
I'd put my heart in its hand.

There's much to be said for! the "fast lane,"
Where businesses and development boom--
And crime rates rise higher and higher
While "news" tells of nothing but doom.

But, as for me, give me Montana--
With a little log house on a hill...
This is my longing in life--
A dream I've yet to fulfill.

If it's really meant to be,
Then, "have it" someday, I will...
I may not have it tomorrow--
But, the dream stays in place "until."

1992, Teresa Stockton
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

About Teresa Stockton

In 2006, Teresa wrote: I am currently a non-traditional student (WAY past the age of traditional students!) at Ohio University, where I am on target to complete my Bachelor of Science in Communication at the end of fall quarter, 2006, a lifelong dream finally realized.

As for writing, I have always loved it.  It relaxes me, feels me with a sense of accomplishment, and provides me with satisfaction that uplifts my self-esteem.



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