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In the Arena
Dedicated to CoJo
On my knees, in this dirt.
My head held down, pride's my only hurt.
I take a deep sigh, dust off my shirt.
One foot at a time, let's get back to work.
As we walk then we trot, we trot then we lope.
We do the patterns with our hearts full of hope.

I sit straddled this saddle, day after day.
I'm teaching myself and my horse the way.
I love the arena, I love its soft dirt.
One foot at a time, dust off my shirt.
We walk and we trot, trot and we lope.
We make em turn on a dime with our whoa's and our wope.

Smacking my lips, as my horse leaves the gate.
My feet in the stirrups, the first turn we make.
Gotta line us back up and don't hesitate.
Every second counts, so don't make a mistake.
Slide my hand down the reins, finding that knot.
Grab the saddle horn and pull, cause this is our shot.

Smacking and kicking, I give it its head.
There's one more to go, so we race on ahead.
Stay off the barrel and make this last turn.
The timer's counting, as we whip and we spur.
Our hearts are pounding, cause it's one for all.
Did we take seconds off, we wait for the call.

I take a deep sigh, dust off my shirt.
One foot at a time, it was worth all the work.
We walk then we trot, we trot then we lope.
We do the patterns with our hearts full of hope.
We'll practice some more and we'll come a fighting.
When the next time they say..."Come on a riding..."

2011, Tanya Renee Clemons
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's permission.


Tanya Renee Clemons' bio below tells the story behind this poem.

Barrel Racer's Life

We got our tack on tight
Got our gear all tuff
Put our bling on bright
And cinch your saddles just enuff
Get our hands all steady
Get your nerves in control
Get your horse all ready
When it's time to rock-n-roll
We leave the barrel's up
Count em one, two, three
Dust em out baby
Be the fastest you can be
Insane for this game
We'll do it over and over
With our skills we guide our horse
Through that 3 leafed clover
We got that barrel fever
In our minds, heart and soul
It's all that we can think of
We've got to reach our goals
It's a cowgirls dream
It's a cowgirls strife
It's a normal kinda day
In a cowgirls life

2013, Tanya Renee Clemons
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's permission.


Tanya comments, "My lil buddy CJ and I had just learned how to ride period when the first poem (above) was written. Now, two years later we are going to the bigger barrel runs and placing! CJ has won a buckle. We both earned our way to the Arkansas State Horse Show this year. I actually placed 6th in the speed race there. We are both bringing home checks as well although CJs are usually bigger than mine! (ha) This is a poem that I wrote that has a lil more attitude. Our confidence in ourselves is better and so is our riding. We have been bucked, kicked, stomped, fell off and always gotten back on...We have worked hard to get here in 2 years and we love the barrel racers life!





  About Tanya Renee Clemons
provided 2012

My husband grew up with horses but I didn't. This past  year, he has started to fix up his and his parents' old arena because he wanted to start horse showing again. I had broken my ankle in March last year but  that June I got the medical boot off and he began to teach me and my best  friend's 10-year-old daughter, CoJo, to ride.

We began in June of 2011 and we knew nothing! We walked our horses for months just  learning to sit in the saddle! We have walked, trotted and loped a many of miles in that arena. My husband has been so patient with us. We ride about three times a week or more in the arena and try to get a trail ride in on the weekend when we can. We have all worked hard to get ourselves and our horses ready to to go to a Martha Josey Barrel Racing Clinic.

So we went  this past Thanksgiving Weekend (2011). CoJo and I have ridden side-by-side in the cold, rain, heat...whatever kind of weather and even times when we were sick. CoJo and I would watch the sunset behind the arena every  evening as we were riding. Here is a sunset photo I took at our arena:

One night last year CoJo was in a little horse show, just for practice, really. She fell off her horse as she was going around a barrel. It was muddy because of a recent rain. My husband went out there to check  on her. She got up off the ground, dusted of her shirt and hands, and climbed back on, making sure to redo the pattern right. I was so proud that  she got right back on her horse. I came home and that night I looked at my photo of the sun setting on the arena and began to write the poem above, "In the Arena." I dedicated the poem to CoJo. She and I are still practicing and getting  better.

This is me at the Martha Josey Barrel Racing Clinic:

This is me with CoJo on her pony:

And here I am with  my husband, on our horses last year in Clinton, Arkansas, at the National Chuck Wagon Races:



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