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Jackson, Missouri
About Tammy Clardy




Turnin' Profit

I bought up seventy head a’cattle,
Soon as we’d moved out ta’ the hills.
Nearly broke us tryin’ to keep ‘em,
With all the feed and water bills.

The wife soon got ‘ta ravin’
‘Bout the perils of the trade,
“The way they drink that cistern down
There won’t be no fortunes made!”

She got ta wavin’ her iron skillet
An’ went ‘ta shakin’ like a leaf,
“Fer what you’ve been a’spendin’,
I could stock ten stores with beef!”

Next day, I knowed the time had come
To sell off the whole dang bunch.
So’s I called me up a dealer
An’ sent “The Princess” off ‘ta lunch.

Guess I was a’steppin’ purdy tall,
There on the banks of Byrd Creek Branch.
Cleared jist enough ‘ta pay the notes,
An’ git a well dug fer the the ranch!

Come spring I’m gonna trade some more,
Chuck us some greenbacks in the bank;
As long as the Good Lord’s a willin’…
An’ the market fer cattle ain’t sank.

© 2008, Tammy Clardy
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

Tammy told us about the inspiration for this poem: "Turnin’ Profit" was written after a sputtering kitchen faucet and frustrated glance out of the kitchen window signaled a dry cistern. Apparently, the huge mass of cattle gathered at the automatic watering hole had finished off every last drop of water! With a sink full of dirty dishes and two children in need of a bath, the situation was not good. Alas, the cattle were sold, a new well dug, and an ink pen replaced the iron skillet to relieve the stress of the event.




  About Tammy Clardy:

Tammy Clardy’s poetry is inspired by life events that occurred while raising her family on a farm in rural Missouri. She is a member of Juvenile Writers of Kansas City (JWKC) and Heartland Writers For Kids And Teens. Tammy also writes children’s literature. Her work has been published in The Missouri Reader and The Cash-Book Journal.






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