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Dancin' in the Dust

That darn ol' brindle bull made me chase him for three whole days
I was bound to sell him off for his mean and ornery ways
He rattled up the cowboys and tore down most of the fence
I would have shot the rascal but his head was just too dense

My horse was in cahoots with him, and wouldn't push him hard
I had him near the barn one time, he went right through the yard
The wife was hangin’ out the wash, he took the clothesline down
Then ran off with her bloomers stuck there on his horny crown

He headed for the river and I followed close behind
Them drawers just made him madder as they caused him to be blind
He ran right down in the water and then just stood stock still
I lit down from off the saddle and got real close until

He turned and then the undies fell, I had no place to go
I tossed the lasso true and well, a real dandy throw
It caught him low around them horns and then the fight was on
He pulled me across the river and he was almost gone

I dug in my old Noconas, tied off around a stump
He nearly pulled it from the ground but didn't get the jump
I got two other ropes on him but not enough to trust
Rightly so for next I know we was dancin' in the dust

That bull bucked and kicked and bellered and put on one wild show
I hopped and ducked and did my best but little did I know
The herd of cows had gathered round, I guess to watch the fun
A young heifer chewed the ropes in two, off with them he run

Never in my wranglin' days had I seen me such a sight
Or tangled with a durn critter that put up such a fight
Now on our ranch it's peaceful, I never did sell that bull
Them heifers keep him busy and his dance card's always full

© 2012, Steven M. Dickson
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Steve told us: The poem was inspired by a neighbor's story I remember hearing as a boy in Montana.


  About Steve Dickson:
provided 2013

I was born and raised in the West and have worked on ranches in Montana and Texas, lumber mills in Oregon, and fisheries in Alaska.

I'm currently a United States Merchant Mariner working aboard large ocean going vessels. I enjoy all outdoor activities and learning about and sharing the rich history of the American West.



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