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The Life of a Cowboy

He's up in time to wake up the chickens and his pony is saddled to ride
          it's time to pen cattle, load 'em up for the trip, got his trusty ol' dog by his side

It's the life he has chosen, there's no turnin' back, but he'd have it no other way
          there's nothin' more real than the life of a cowboy and he lives that life every day

No, it's not for the man who prefers a big desk, an assistant to answer his phone
          and it's not for the man who can't spend his days and nights on the range all alone

And in spite of the fact that the summers and winters get harder as years pass him by
          he's a cowboy and that's all that he wants to be, and I don't think you need to ask why

Sittin' out on the porch watching stars in the sky, as the heifers are bellowing low
          he sips his black coffee, taking stock of his life, and there's only one thing that he knows

He is meant to be right where he is, no place else, and he'll be here when he's laid to rest
          tho' his life may be hard, it's been worth every challenge, and he's always given his best

It's a matter of pride, a tradition that his father's father has passed down to him
          it runs through his veins like the river that flows, it's as strong as a West Texas wind

In the years of his life he has seen many changes, the progress that never stands still
          but a cowboy's a cowboy, and a horse is a horse, things may change but that never will

So God bless the cowboy and watch over him as he rides watching over his herd
          an American icon, this man of the west with his hat and his jingling spurs

As he mounts that ol' pony, pulls his hat down and smiles, he's ready to start a new day
          no there's nothin' more real than the life of a cowboy and he'd have it no other way

2013, Smokey Culver, All Rights Reserved
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's  permission.


Smokey told us his poem was, "inspired by a long time friend who has a ranch in Oakwood, Texas. My buddy Ron had posted a note in Facebook about all the work that he had done that morning, penning cows, loading them in the trailer, off to the sale barn, etc. And it was not yet 9 AM when he got back to the ranch and made the post. I thought what a great life, and knowing my old partner, he would clearly have it no other way.


   About Smokey Culver
provided 2013

I was born and raised in southeast Texas, and have lived here all my life.  I've been involved with horses since about age 11, and currently am working as a ranch hand at Habitat for Horses, a horse rescue ranch near Galveston.

I write music and poetry about whatever comes to mind, mostly farmers and ranchers and down home folks. The Lord has blessed me with an ability to put thoughts into words that generally make sense, and even stir up emotions sometimes.

I have recently joined the board of directors of Musicians, Artists, Authors, Poets, and Storytellers (MAAPS) of Texas as the person to oversee the cowboy poetry issues.

Smokey Culver on Facebook



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