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New Cowboy and Western Poetry/Western Music Releases and New Releases' News

     Find Rick Huff's numerous Best of the West reviews here and Jeri Dobrowski's Cowboy Jam Session reviews here.

     See a roundup of items New in 2010.

      Poets and musicians: Find resources in our feature So you have a new book or recording...

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Georgia poet Tom Kerlin's First Time Out CD includes fourteen of his original poems.

The CD was produced by Doc Stovall, who comments, "If there has ever been 'a cowboy born out of his time,' it's Tom Kerlin. That is so evident in his writing and recitation skills. I'm proud to have my name attached to this project."

Find the complete track list here.

First Time Out is available for $17.50 postpaid from Tom Kerlin; 1759 Hwy. 85 South; Fayetteville, GA 30215.

Posted 1/26

  Wylie & the Wild West announce a rocking 17th CD, Rocketbuster. From their description:

What does Rocketbuster sound like? The new CD will most likely go down as Wylie & the Wild West's "get up and dance" album. There are 14 songs worth of hard core, upbeat, goodtime Wylie music on Rocketbuster (O.K., maybe a couple of slower songs were slipped into the mix!). The unique collection of mostly original material will keep you groovin' and movin' in the cowboy way. To add to the fun, Wylie's brother (and legendary Montana performer) Erik Fingers Ray was called in from the shadows of the Hi-line shelterbelts to lay down his vibrant and soulful guitar licks. It is apparent that the musical brothers had a good old fashioned country throwdown in the Nashville studio. For the track listing and liner notes go to:

You can also listen to the first track, "Buck Up and Huck It," and get a free song download at the record company web site here.

Respected studio musicians and new band members join Wylie Gustafson on the recording (Dennis Crouch, John Gardner, Erik Gustafson, Tony Harrell, Mark Thornton, Larry Marrs, and Robby Turner).

See our feature about Wylie & the Wild West here.

Find more about Rocketbuster here at the Wylie & the Wild West web site and find order information here at Hi-Line Records, where there is a  2 for 1 special through January 2, 2012.

Posted 12/15

Top cowboy poet Baxter Black has a new book and CD, Rudolph's Night Off. It is described as "brand new strange & wondrous" and:

Rudolph's Night Off is the story of a goat who saved Christmas. Spectacularly, colorashusly, auroraborealisously illustrated by Baxter's brother-in-law,'s overflowing with fun & funny, grandmother approved, candy cane sticky-finger proof and memorizable by kids who want something unique for the Christmas play! Includes a BONUS DVD of Baxter' reciting Rudolph's Night Off!

See Rick Huff's review here.

Find more at

Posted 11/28

  Humorist, poet, and chuckwagon cook Kent Rollins has a new double CD of poems and stories, Prairie Dogs & Pastures. It is described:

Want to take a plane ride with a prairie dog and go to the Olympics all in one trip? Kent's humor and stories come together in his new 2-disc CD compilation. Kent's all-time favorites along with new tales are all brought together in 20 tracks. Set to a live audience you will laugh along with.

Find more about Kent Rollins in our feature here and visit his web site and blog

Prairie Dogs & Pastures is available for $15 from