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For Better or For Worse

Itís running your heart out, itís kicking his sides
Itís winning the round, your heart full of pride
Itís grabbing the horn and sitting up tight
Two barrels on the left and one on the right
Itís getting up early and driving all day
To run a few seconds, hoping itíll pay
Itís the sound of your name when youíre on deck
Praying to God, your heart pounding like heck
Itís running in front of a hometown crowd
Hooking the third and they scream out loud
Itís riding all week with one run in mind
That maybe at the rodeo, youíll be the fast time
Itís kissing your cross and patting your horse
Because itís what you love, for better or worse

© 2011, Shelby Borek
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Rodeo Dad

Youíre a rodeo dad now, not by choice
But I know you enjoy it, itís in your voice
Itís in your walk as we go to sign up
Even when moneyís tight and times are tough
Youíre something I need every time I run
Without your help and laughs, it wouldnít be fun
A rodeo dad is many things
From driving at night to buying tack that blings
Itís that one last tug on my cinch
Or calling for advice when Iím in a pinch
Itís going to the barn every single day
And going to rodeos even when it doesnít pay
Itís ďthat first was wideĒ and ďthat ground was deepĒ
Itís ďis your saddle tight?Ē ďdid you pick his feet?Ē
Itís feed bills and farriers and vets all the time
Itís hard work and love, itís yours and mine
Itís going places youíve never been
Itís talking to strangers and making new friends
Itís late Friday nights and Sunday cowboy church
Itís not what you signed up for, it can be a curse
Itís ďI love itĒ ďI hate itĒ and sometimes in between
But weíre in it together is what it means
Itís bonding and loving like we never could
The good times and bad, trade it I never would
This is for you Dad, I love you a lot
Arenít you glad this gift wasnít bought

© 2011, Shelby Borek
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.




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