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Roanoke, Texas
About Shauntal Bradley 





We Remember Him

His spurs walk these halls as though
He'd never gone.

His horse walks around as though
He's leading him.

His cows still expect him to come and feed them.

His dog sits in front of his chair
Waiting to be petted.

It's as though he's still here.

We search for him in everything
We do.

We are puzzled when we cannot
Find him.

Then we remember that in truth

He really is gone.

2002, Shauntal Bradley
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

Shauntal told us that she wrote this poem when she was 12, soon after her grandfather's death, "In Remembrance of my PAPA who was a great cowboy and who I look up to today. I have learned a lot from him and try to be a lot like him.  He was a wonderful person and I do miss him."


About Shauntal Bradley:

I spend my summers in Ruidoso, New Mexico, at my Papa's ranch.

My Papa inspired me. He was a true cowboy. He taught me how to ride. He shared his love of the land, cattle and horses. He taught me that an honest day's work was its greatest reward. I feel his presence every
time I ride my horse. I feel connected to him in my daily chores.



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