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His Life Has Been The Best

His horse is bedded for the night,
There's no more steers to chase and fight
Out in the sun of summer's light...
This dusty day is done.
The lonesome cowboy bids adieu
To weathered chaps and wind blown through
Each thirsty pore from desert's view
Where nature has her fun.

His muscles ache from branding cows,
And by the campfire gathered now,
The other cowboys tiredly bow
To tell a tale or two.
Them tales are tall, but most of all
The laughter rings in star-lit halls
Of rugged paths about the stalls
Where horses sleep in view.

When grub is downed with hearty sounds
A feller likes to leave the grounds
To rest and sleep by best-friend hounds
Within the bunkhouse there.
When daylight breaks it starts again
Those days of dust, hard work and wind
That makes him know his life has been
The best...without a care!

2005, Sharon Peeples
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

Sharon adds: The form the poem is written in is called Rime Nouvelle and was created by Joy Shabansky.  

About Sharon Peeples:

Sharon Peeples is a piano teacher by trade and a poet at heart, having written well over a thousand poems in many different styles.  She especially enjoys writing Cowboy Poetry and also Native American poetry.  She has written short stories for her high school speech and drama class and attended Southeastern College in Lakeland, Florida.

Her work has appeared in Short Stuff Magazine and Poetry Sharings Journal, where she was the featured poet in the September 2004 issue.  Her poetry has won the Golden Pen Award twice at an online site, The Starlite Cafe, where she was also Poet Of The Month in May of 2003.

She lives in Colorado with her husband of 40 years and her corgi, Humphrey Bogart.  When she is not teaching piano or writing, her favorite pastime is hiking or snowshoeing in the magnificent mountains of Rocky Mountain
National Park and the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, where she has drawn most of the inspiration for her poems about nature and mother earth.



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