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First held in 2002, the Annual Sevier Valley Roundup bills itself as "A Cowboy Gathering" that is "A celebration of the Western Heritage and Culture of Sevier County, Utah."

The annual event, organized by Michael and Jo Lynne Kirkwood, attracts top national and area poets and musicians, and enjoys enthusiastic community involvement.

They welcome participants. Jo Lynne Kirkwood says "We're always looking for new talent, especially someone who is willing to come for the 'open mic' spots; our invited poets and musicians performed on both stages."  Contact Jo Lynne Kirkwood at (435)896-1856 or by email.

This is Page 2.  Below are photos and reports from 2003 and 2004.  See Page 1 for photos and reports from the 2005 event.

Visit the Annual Sevier Valley Roundup web site for more information.



The 2004 Event

The 2003 Event

Page 1:

The 2005 Event

Co-organizer Jo Lynne Kirkwood  

 "... The Sevier Valley Roundup is meant to be a celebration of who we are, what we believe in, and where our values lie...." 


August 12-15, 2004

Cover art from a watercolor by Dall Dimick


"A Cowboy Gathering," The Sevier Valley Round-up, "A Celebration of the Western Heritage and Culture of Sevier County, Utah" was held August 12-14, 2004 in Richfield and Salina, Utah.

Featured poets in 2004 were Andy Nelson, Phil Kennington, CR Wood, Don Kennington, Jo Lynne Kirkwood, Tyrel Curtis, Stan Tixier, Vern Woodbuy, Curly Syndergaard, Al Clark, and Mike Dunn, Jeff Coates, Mike Price, Sam Jackson, Jerry Brooks, Sam DeLeeuw, Todd Nail, Terrril Staples, Dahl Brown, Colen Sweeten.

A Friday concert, emceed by Andy Nelson featured Dave Stamey, Curly Musgrave, Belinda Gail, Stampede, Latigo, Don Kennington, Phil Kennington, Sam DeLeeuw, and Jerry Brooks.

Baxter Black headlined at the Saturday show along with Curly Musgrave and Belinda Gail. 

Featured musicians included Rollie Stevens, The Shiney Boot Boys (Jeff Coates, Roger Fairbanks, Roy Coates), Suzi Killman and Jim Dunham, Vern Condie, Latigo (Ken Stevens, Kirt Christensen, and CR Wood), Ken Hall, Fiddlers on the Road (led by Kathy Hunter), and Stampede (Steve and Terri Taylor and David Anderson).

Many activities are in association the Sevier County Fair, and this year they included the Broken Heart Rodeo with pre-rodeo entertainment, a jam session, and youth poets' contest; Cowboy Poetry and Western Music at the fairground and park all day Friday and Saturday; Artists Dall Dimick and Jeff Wolf and knifemaker Buster Warenskie; Lynn Corbin, "fastest woman in the West" and a quick draw competition; Bill Mackin, with a cowboy and gunfighter display from the museum in Craig, Colorado; "All Cowgirl Entertainment" starring Belinda Gail, Jerry Brooks, Sam DeLeeuw, Jo Lynne Kirkwood, Terri Taylor, and Suzie Killmman, hosted by CR Wood; wagon rides; storytellers; Native American flute player Ngai Woodhouse, and even more.

Jo Lynne Kirkwood furnished the following photos and captions.


On Saturday night, the concert was Baxter Black with Curly Musgrave
and Belinda Gail.  Great Show!


At the fairgrounds, along with the team roping and gentling, the museum display and the art show...we had poetry and music on stage, and the Diamond Z English Shires Team.  Here you see (above) Jerry Brooks, (below, left to right)  Rollie Stevens from Arizona, Sam DeLeeuw - with the Shires, and Jim Dunham and Suzi Killman, also from Arizona


Tyrel Curtis, the fellow on the left, is a former student of mine and a dang
fine cowboy poet now! He's growing up to be a teacher, but he also does the
mountain man thing when he can (it's a family tradition. This photo shows
Tyrel and his brother and dad.)

Lots of neat kids this year!  Here are our poets, Kathy Hunter's
fiddlers, and a group of youth Paiute dancers




Frank Lopez is a wonderful saddle and tack maker, and also does rawhide
braid.  And probably one of the nicest guys anyone of us will ever
meet!  Beautiful work, too.

Local Walt LeFevre, here in his wagon, is a big help with the Roundup.

Jeff Wolf is an amazing artist - sculptor - and also a bona-fide
buckaroo!  He helped Bill and Maggie Boswell with the ranch roping
clinic on Saturday.  This photo shows a few of his pieces - but they
are much better up close and live!


Gerald Hasty is an old-fashioned wet-plate photographer.  He actually
records images on glass.  He's a fascinating guy.


Don Walker is an orthopedic (meaning the things actually feel good on
your feet!) boot maker.  During the roundup he actually constructed a
pair of boots (uppers) to fill an order for a lady in Russia.
Beautiful boots.  Great guy.  He (and his wife) will be back next year.


Bill Mackin
is known is a curator at the cowboy and gunfighter memorabilia museum in Craig, Colorado.  He brought a display that would have knocked yer socks off.  Great old stuff.  Bill is author of the book, Cowboy Collectibles - which is a sort of Bible among western artifact collectors.


This photo is of Maggie Boswell, who helped her husband Bill (Boswell)
and Jeff Wolf - and Don Lindsay, and some other cowboys - with the
horse gentling and ranch roping clinics on Saturday morning.  Excellent
people.  Very interesting clinics.

At the Richfield City Park we had a Native American dancer and Nagi
Numpa Woodhouse
, the flute player who escorted the Olympic torch
through Delicate Arch and other sacred grounds.  Also, Lynn Corbin
(woman quick-draw champion) allowed folks to shoot against her.  There
was a mountain man encampment, and an antique tractor and machine
display - and lots more!  Here are some photos:



August 8-9, 2003

Cover art from a watercolor by Dall Dimick


"A Cowboy Gathering," The Sevier Valley Round-up, was held August 8-9, 2003 in Richfield and Salina, Utah.

Headliners included Waddie Mitchell, The Sons of the San Joaquin, Brenn Hill, The Red Rock Wranglers (Curly Syndergaard, Ann B. Goddard, Roy E. Holcomb, and Laura Morris), Stampede (Steve and Terri Taylor and David Anderson) and Latigo (Ken Stevens, CR Wood, and Kevan Paul).  Hal Cannon presented Why The Cowboy Sings.

Additional local entertainers and celebrities included Jerry Brooks, Dahl Brown, Tyrel Curtis, Jo Lynne Kirkwood, Ken May, Todd Nail, Perry Payne, and Terrill Staples.

Additional poets and musicians on the program were Gordon Thomas, Doug Keller, The Paskins (Steve and Rhondalee Paskins), Dave & Amanda Anderson, Don Kennington, Wyoming Red (Rusty Endecott and Susan Park), Sam Jackson, Al Clark, Doug Brewer, Howard Norskog, Randy Stokes, Sam DeLeeuw, The Peteetneet Creek Ranch Hands, Michael Robinson, and Andy Nelson.

A youth poetry contest was judged by Sam Jackson, Curly Syndergaard, Howard Norskog, Jim Nelson, and Randy Stokes.

The finalists appeared later in the month at Kanab's Western Legends Roundup show, sharing a stage with Baxter Black.


Poet Rod Miller enjoyed the festivities.

Hal Cannon with Emily Kirkwood.

The Cowboy Heritage award was given to Bud ProbertWaddie Mitchell is on the left, Jo Lynne Kirkwood on the right.


  Jo Lynne Kirkwood  






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