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Is it Worth It?

It's four-thirty A.M., and you're saddling your horse,
And you're thinking about all those people, of course,
That are still at home under nice warm covers,
dreaming dreams, about one thing and another.
And you're muttering to yourself, as you ride on out,
"Damn, is this all that life’s about,
getting' up early, working hard all day,
You know, there’s got to be some better way."

Then you hit that first ridge and you stop for a bit
And everything is peaceful, serene and quiet.
Then, as if an alarm starts ringing,
All the canyon wrens start to singing.

And in the eastern sky there’s a pinkish hue
And back up the canyon, some cow starts to moo.
And you sit there and watch the land stretch and yawn,
As it prepares itself for a brand new dawn.

Then your horse shakes his head, cause he's ready to go,
But you're reluctant to leave, you don't want to miss this show.
And you know there's plenty of work to be done,
But, fixing fence and cleaning springs and you know that's not fun.

And the sun starts creeping over that far off ridge
And chucker starts scolding you from down on the ledge.
And you laugh at yourself, because you think back a bit,
When you asked yourself," Is all this worth it?"

When you know in your heart this is the only way,
Living this life you live, day by day.
And you think of all that life has to give,
And you're content with yourself and the life that you live.

Then you think about all those other people that are just now stretching and yawning.
And how privileged and lucky you've been to witness
                        This new day dawning.

© 2011, Sam Mattise
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.




    About Sam Mattise:
provided 2011

Singer, songwriter, poet and musician, Sam Mattise has been performing professionally for over 38 years. He hails from Boise, Idaho where he lives with his wife Dorothy on a small ranch in the foothills. Sam retired from the Bureau of Land Management where he managed the Idaho wild horse herds. He stated, “There’s not much left of the old west, but managing wild horses is a small window in time of what it used to be. I feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity.” Sam writes his poetry and music from his life experiences and has performed throughout western United States and Canada.





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