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Rusty Hudelson

Rusty Hudelson




          Back in Oklahoma, when I was just a boy,
          My overwhelmin' hankerin' was to grow up and be just like Roy,
          To ride a palomino and chase them outlaws down
          Then ride off in the sunset with the prettiest girl in town.

          Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd ever meet him.
          But a few years back, we took the train to Victorville to see him.
          I sat in awe and listened to the hero of my youth
          Heard that old familiar voice still teachin' me the truth.

          He said:
          "Rusty, I just don't like the films
          They make these days with all their killin'.
          That's why I shot 'em in the hand.
          I knew the good Lord willin',
          We could take them ornery outlaws and rehabilitate 'em.
          T'weren't no use to gun 'em down and teach you kids to hate 'em.
          I wasn't much for cussin', and you never saw me drinkin'
          Nor abusive to a man nor beast. Cause I was always thinkin',
          You know someday Roy,
          Those little buckerettes and buckeroos
          Are gonna reach maturity and try to be like you."

          He smiled and put that white hat on
          And I knew my time was up.
          But he had just one more message from that master to the pup.

          "We need to take these movies they make now a' days
          And clean 'em up a notch.
          Why there ain't a movie out today,
          I'd let old Trigger watch."

          Happy trails to you
          Til we meet again...

  Rusty Hudelson
  This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


About Rusty Hudelson: 

Rusty Hudelson, associate professor of music, South Plains College, Levelland, TX.  Raised in McAlester, Ok, where life centered around the
Silver Screen cowboys on Saturdays, Rusty later migrated to Texas,  where he now implements that valuable western knowledge as he teaches and is musical director for his own TV show Country Jukebox as well as a live stage show Saturday Night Special.  Rusty is lead singer along with daughter Tania for his band, The Knights of the West and he is one half of the celebrated duo: The Living Jukebox.  

Recently featured on National Public Radio and in the Chicago Tribune, Rusty and Tania specialize in yodels and teach people worldwide how to yodel with their instructional video.  Rusty also has a variety of piano and accordion instructional videos: Rusty is multi-genred musically and has a three volume series of Romance & Relaxation piano music, Romancing the Tones and a three-volume series of Motivational Music.  Additionally, he has a Christmas Tones CD and a Soft Rock CD.