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Stockton, California




I'm a Bull Rider

Of course it's dangerous, "Heck yeah" it's Fun!
But "Cowboy-up," and "Git er' done!"
Sittin' in the chutes, barin' down,
My hat's on tight, my hand is bound.

I nod my head, the chute door flies,
The beast jumps out, I close my eyes.
Kickin' and a spurin', with my hand in the air,
Spinnin' and a jumpin', as if he don't care.

But in this moment, nothing I can hear,
Except my heartbeat, and overcoming a fear.
A fear of muscle, horns, hooves, and all,
Hearin' that buzzer, and feelin' that fall.

Hittin' the ground, crawlin' like heck,
Feelin' his breath, upon my neck.
He's right behind me, it's really intense,
All I've got to do is make it to that fence..

Finally, it's all over, a clown saved my butt,
You ask, "Will you do it again?" Of course, I'm a Bull Rider, it's in my

2006, Roy Hale
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Roy told us: I wrote this poem mainly to try to put in to words what it feels like to ride a bull. (I love bull riding and try to compete in rodeos as much as I can!) I also have a good friend who is a bull fighter (rodeo clown) and it's a great feeling to know that he is there when ever need him or get into trouble.



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