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Lander, Wyoming
About Roy G. Sowers



Little Joe

Little Joe the wrangler don't wrangle any more.
He's done quit the outfit and he's working in a store.

You ask him about Blue Rocket and he'll look you in the eye
And say, "That's my favorite pattern, it's a very fine dry fly."

Little Joe the wrangler won't be caught dead on a horse.
He's up in Jackson, teaching a dry fly fishing course.

And he don't call a float a "bobber" or a "cork",
He calls it a "strike indicator" like those folks do in New York.

He wears a funny little cap, and a fly fishing vest.
And he hangs out with the greenies, granolas, and all those types of pests.

He uses barbless hooks. He's strictly "catch and release."
And he thinks it is a sin to throw a trout in grease.

He fishes with the tree huggers.  They eat trail mix and drink chardonnay.
And when they see me with my worms, one will always say,

"Hey cowboy, we fish with dry flies, and that makes the fishing tougher."
"That's ok, my greenie friend, that's more trout for my supper."

And little Joe the wrangler don't wrangle any more, but you can find little
Joe the angler up in Jackson, working at a fishing store.

  2002, R. G. Sowers III
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

About Roy G. Sowers

Roy's wife reports:  Roy grew up in North Carolina. His father had horses, and he has been around horses and cattle all his life. He graduated from North Carolina State University with a BS in agriculture, and raised cattle for about 9 years. Then he decided "it would be easier to milk people than cows," and he went to law school. :)  He practiced law until 1999 when he was forced to retire due to health reasons. We relocated to Lander Wyoming, and knew this was the place for us. 


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Roy G. Sowers' poetry is included in Wyoming's Cowboy Poets. The 201-page book contains brief profiles of 28 Wyoming cowboy poets, their photos and samples of their poetry. The introduction is written by Montana humorist/poet Gwen Petersen.  The editor, Jean Henry-Mead, is a novelist and award-winning photojournalist, founder of the Western Writers Hall of Fame, and former teacher in the Wyoming Poetry in the Schools Program with Peggy Simson Curry. Read more about the book and at Jean Henry-Mead's Sagebrush and Sleuths web site, where you can order the book.  Wyoming's Cowboy Poets is also available by check or money order from Medallion Books, 8344 Shady Lane, Evansville, WY 82636 for $19.95 postpaid (paperback) or  $27.45 postpaid (hardcover). Please add 5% sales tax if ordered within Wyoming.



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