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Lake George, Colorado
About Ron Zaccagnini





Don't Pet the Dog

He sits on the truck cute and cuddly.
From soft eyes his innocence drips.
His tail that's a stump wags invitingly,
But don't be fooled, that ain't a smile on his lips.

Don't pet the dog
You'll pull back a stump if you do.
Don't think you're his buddy,
And it ain't a bit funny,
You're forewarned, Don't threaten to sue.

He rolls over, and shows you his belly,
And he'll bait you with those baby brown eyes,
He'll whine and he'll purr like a kitty,
But the stories you heard aint all lies.

The pickup's his pride and possession
Don't think that it's state property,
Be sure that he's marked and he's claimed it his own
It's his castle, his sanctuary.

Don't pet the dog.
You'll pull back a stump if you do.
Don't think you're his buddy,
And it ain't a bit funny,
You're forewarned don't threaten to sue.

So just go on about your own business,
And pretend that he doesn't exist.
Don't act like a threat, an outlaw or worse
It's a temptation you surely can't risk.

2005, Ron Zaccagnini
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

Ron told us: My dog is named Rodent (Rodie for short) - a blue healer, well know in these parts.  He's about as protective of the pickup as a dog can get.  The Divison of Wildlfie hired a new biologist, and he was attending a meeting in Fairplay last summer. Rodent was in the back of the truck.  The new city slicker came walkin in to the meeting with blood dripping down his arm. We just looked up, and somebody said "You met Rodie. Did you learn anything?"  Instead of listening to the meetin, I wrote a poem for the city slicker.  "Don't Pet The Dog" is the result.  'Tain't nothing but truth.

About Ron Zaccagnini:

I'm a Game Warden in my day job, horse trianer in the off time, and raise a few cows just to keep from gettin too rich. 



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