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Colorado Springs, Colorado
About Robert L. Hinshaw




Brandin' Time at th' Triple "T"

It's brandin' time once't agin in th' corral at Triple "T";
     Th' dogies have been cut frum th' herd after a frantic spree!
Cowboys sweated an' cussed in suns reachin a hun'ert degrees,
     As they flushed 'em out uv arroyos an' groves uv salt pine trees!
It'll be a frenzied week er so on th' Triple "T" spread;
     Even seasoned cowpokes anticipate it with a lot uv dread.
A feller could bust sum bones, gittin' wild dogies lassoed,
     Wrestlin' them brutes to th' ground a-gittin' 'em throwed!
In his faithful ol' cuttin' hoss th' cowboy puts his trust,
     To help bring them wily critters down, a-sprawlin' in th' dust!
After much bawlin' an' kickin', th' calf is at last subdued,
     An' is seared with th' Triple "T" brand, forever tatooed!
Th' dusty ol' corral rings with raucous hollers an' hoots,
     As a cowboy gits kicked an' goes sailin' head over boots!
His calloused hands an' nose leave deep furrows in th' earth;
     He gits up shakin' his head an' a-cussin' fer all he's worth!
Brandin' season's over, now he can return to fixin' fences,
     Herdin' cattle, an' savorin' Colorady's mountains an' expanses.
Ain't no gittin' 'round it, brandin' cums with a cowpokes career;
     He'll be back in th' corral ropin' an' sweatin' agin next year!

2007, Robert L. Hinshaw
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


About Robert L. Hinshaw:

Robert L. Hinshaw was a "flatlander" born and raised on a farm near Hagerstown, Indiana. Upon graduation from high school in May 1948, he immediately enlisted in the Air Force and served 30 years, retiring in August 1978 in the grade of Chief Master Sergeant. Bob is a graduate of Los Angeles City College (Japan Branch) with a degree in the Administration of Justice. Upon retirement from the Air Force, he served 10 years as a Bailiff for the State of Colorado. The "poetry bug" bit Bob at the age of 72 in 2002. Since that time he has written over 600 poems covering most every topic imaginable including western, military, patriotic, religious, humorous and just plain everyday folks subjects. Bob has compiled most of his poems in 4 self-published books.

The inspiration for "Brandin' Time at the Triple 'T'," I suppose, was due to my avid interest in all things western. That is one reason my wife Vera and I decided to retire in Colorado Springs to be near old western mining towns, the sprawling ranch lands and the wonderful mountains of Colorado. I love attending rodeos, cowboy poetry gatherings and western music concerts and get a lot of my cowboy poetry ideas from visiting such functions. Poem ideas keep popping up and I pray the well will never run dry!



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