Rich O'Brien

photo courtesy of Western Jubilee Recording Company 


Popular instrumentalist, studio musician, top producer, and Wrangler-award winner Rich O’Brien is suffering with severe carpal tunnel injuries and while he can’t pick, he is still producing CDs. A friend comments, “You can contact him if you need assistance with an album. Most of all, Rich covets your prayers that he will be able to play the guitar again.”

Find more about Rich O'Brien here at Western Jubilee Recording Company.

There will be a Stay-at-Home Benefit from Jim and Andy Nelson's Clear Out West (C.O.W.) radio, with the accompanying Quiet Fund here at Clear Out West explains the Stay-at-Home benefit:

While being aware of the need to help folks around us that are experiencing trials or tragedy, we developed the concept of the Stay-at-Home Benefit Concert with help from our good friends at This is a special concert in which you can stay at home and enjoy without spending any money. With that in mind, you are now free to donate any amount of money that you may have spent in travel, food, tickets, and lodging to this worthy cause. Enjoy the show and thank you for willingness to help others.

With the Quiet Fund, you can give any amount by mail or credit card, and the recipient is sent the funds with donor names, but not amounts. You can also choose to remain anonymous. Only Linda Kirkpatrick, who oversees the fund, knows the names of donors and amounts of donations. She does not share that information with anyone else.

The Clear Out West (C.O.W.) show will air on its affiliate stations January 11-17 and then be available on the web site January 18-24 (and later, in the archives). Listen at and read more about the Stay-at-Home Benefit here.

Please donate by February 15, 2016. Linda Kirkpatrick will send the collective funds to Rich O'Brien with the names of the donors.

Use the PayPal link here for credit card donations or send a check to Linda Kirkpatrick, PO Box 128, Leakey, TX 78873.


photo by Gary Brown

photo by Dixie Dixon

photo by Dixie Dixon

photo by Gary Brown



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