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Buckaroo in Baghdad

 My horse out to pasture, my saddle hangs there on the wall,
 My wife sits and waits 'cause I've answered my country's call.
 I've always been a cowboy, this solderin' something new,
 It's hard to march, Dress RIGHT Dress! when all you know is Buckaroo.

 I traded in my Stetson and now I'm wearin' a kevlar,
 And instead of punchin' dogies I'm on a patrol in a place called Al Anbar.
 I sure miss the Rockies and all its mountain splendor,
 This place is flat and ugly and it's hot as all Hell's cinders.

 We march all day with our rifles a-lookin' for the bad guys,
 But we don't really see him until he gives up his disguise.
 I sure wish I was at a brandin' up in ol' Montana,
 Or leadin' out a pack string with my pard from Nevada.

 My buddies are from New York, Philly, and down in New Orleans,
 We are fighting for one another and freedom so it seems.
 It ain't got nothin' to do with politicians, Republican or  Democrat,
 Doing the right thing for the little guy is where our hearts  are at.

 Kinda like doctoring the neighbor's stray or pushing his cattle on to better grass,
 They ain't yer cattle but he'd help you when the time came to pass.
 Cowboys always show up to fight for the good ole' Red White and Blue,
 What I'm yarnin' about, it ain't nothin' new, just take ol'
 Teddy and his wild, Rough Ridin' crew.

 Now until I get back to my home range,
 Or ride across that great divide,
 I'll be thinkin' about the high country,
 And my cow pony ridin' high.

2014, Randy Melton
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without permission.


Randy Melton, former infantry fire team leader (Sgt., A Company 1/5 Cav 1st Cav Div) tells us that he wrote this poem after the battle in Falugha.


    About Randy Melton
        provided 2014

Randy Melton a former infantry fire team leader (Sgt., A Company 1/5 Cav 1st Cav Div) is a Colorado outfitter.




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