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The Ballad of the Kansas Cowboy

This Kansas cowboy, all alone,
Stares ahead at the endless road.
Gotta keep goin', can't turn back,
Gotta get to that rodeo in Laramie Pass.
He's been to every rodeo, in every different town,
He's won some and lost some but lately he's been down.
The says, "The white line is all I've seen,
Since I left the plains of Abilene.
Haven't yet figured out why I like the rodeo,
But I know my bullridin's gotta go!
I've had about all I can stand
I wanna get home to Kansas land."
Well he mounted that bull in Laramie Pass,
And for 8 seconds he stayed on that bull's back.
But when he came off he knew he'd been beat,
He landed underneath that big bull's feet.
And that was the end of the Kansas cowboy you see,
He never made it back to Abilene.
But some say they still see him, with their own eyes,
Drivin' back to Kansas on Highway 35.
So maybe after all he did get back to see,
His beloved home back in Abilene.

2002, Rachel Fox


Cowboy High

Spurs, wranglers, boots and chaps,
A good bullrope and his cowboy hat.
He's still just a kid, barely seventeen,
But ridin' bulls for eight has always been his dream.
He don't do it for the pay, not a gold buckle or fame,
It'd be the same to him if the world never knows his name.
He loves the danger and the excitement, the thrill of the cowboy high,
And headin' off to another rodeo beneath a western sky.
He lives for the moment that bull comes bustin' out of the gate,
And when he hears the buzzer blast and he knows he's rode for eight.
The rush he gets when he pulls his rope and ties his suicide wrap,
And the sound of applause from the stands as for him the spectators clap.
So if you ask him why he leads the cowboy life he does,
He'll look you in the eye and tell you "'Cause bullridin's what I love."

2003, Rachel Fox



About Rachel Fox:

I'm originally from Lawrenceburg, Tennessee.  I am currently living in Columbia, Tennessee and attending Columbia State Community College studying Veterinary Technology.  I have been writing cowboy poetry since I was about 13. I enjoy going to rodeos and riding my two horses and just being outdoors taking in the beauty of nature.



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