July, 2008


July 25, 2008

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Belinda Gail asked us to share her message:

To my precious Western Music family,

As I try to express the fullness in my heart for you all, I find that the words don't come easy, but the love and gratitude is overflowing. I continue to be extremely humbled and overwhelmed by the outpouring of prayers, phone calls, emails, cards and gifts these past two weeks. This is definitely the steepest mountain the Lord has set before me ... but I feel all of you supporting, and sometimes carrying me up that slope. I believe I can literally "feel" your prayers wrapping around me, and with it comes the peace of God that passes all understanding. How blessed am I to have all of you in my life!!!!

It has only been two weeks since my Frederic's passing, it is difficult to talk about, and there is still so much to attend to and complications continue to arise. But even in that short period of time, I am growing in faith and optimism about my ability to handle what has been and what lies ahead. There is much to grieve, but that is a process in which I am sustained and held up by your love, and the Lord's love and mercy...and it is that which allows me to see the path more clearly, the "light" at the end of the tunnel, and even to experience the joy that is available to us in moments like these, when we love and are loved. Thank you for your love and I'll update you again soon....

With deepest love and gratitude,

Belinda Gail


photo courtesy of Lindalee Green


  Curly Musgrave sent the sad news of the death of Frederic Fridborg, husband of Belinda Gail, on July 8, 2008.

Below is a message from Curly and information about a "quiet fund."



Requested Update On Belinda/Frederic,  Wednesday Eve. July 9:


As Belinda's pard and big, but not so older, brother, I would like to offer my deepest thanks for the many, many members and friends of the Western community who have email their love, thoughts and prayers on behalf of Belinda in the tragic loss of her husband, Frederic, Tuesday, July 8.

I have spent almost two days now reading and forwarding your love to her, answering calls from all over the country and now am responding to the most asked questions...How is our Belinda?  Will there be a funeral? and What can we do?


How is our Belinda?  I just spoke with Belinda and amidst the needed tears there are occasional chuckles emerging, then tears again...good signs all.  Now, the tears are often those of being overcome with the love being afforded her from you all.  I share those moments in tears with her. It truly strengthens my faith in, and love for, my Western friends. So, while there's a long way to go from the trauma of yesterday, to healing...she's putting one foot in front of the other and you and the Lord are holding her up on that path. 


Will there be a funeral?  Not as such.  The family has opted for an informal "Celebration Of Frederic's Life" to be held at the home of Frederic's cousin in Tulare, California, near their Visalia home, July 12. 


What can we do?  Well, anyone who has asked is doing it.  Like I said, the love, in so many ways and gestures has been inspiring...AND, like Western folks, practical.  For reasons that need not be disclosed here, there is considerable financial need and some are being so creative and respectful in that regard.  So, in lieu of flowers that might be nice at a funeral/memorial service, I think a practical answer to "what can we do" might be to render some financial assistance.  Belinda wouldn't suggest that, but heck, I WOULD.

I won't leave it at just that, 'cause times are harder for everyone and love and caring has many forms. You may send cards and letters to: 

Belinda Gail
2120 East Harvard Ct.
Visalia, CA  93292

You can make a donation to a "quiet fund" in two ways. Individual amounts will not be recorded or transmitted, and those who wish to remain anonymous may request that. Lindalee Green will oversee the funds (donations to her address were welcome through September 15, 2008).

You can contribute to the fund by secure credit card payment through PayPal. A PayPal account is not required, just click the button to proceed:

This fund is now closed.



For now, for Belinda, a lot of phone calls may interfere with family time and grieving, so I'd suggest waiting a while and many of you are calling me and I'm fine with that (909) 223-7062. I have Belinda's permission to update you. I am forwarding all emails to her and she'll get to them as she can. CurlyJProduction@aol.com

She tried reading and responding to some but it was too hard with everything else that needed to be attended to. That's sure understandable. 

You're a WONDERFUL bunch and we love you!   And that love seems to be coming back to Belinda in abundance.  Like my Kathi said, "B has sooo many good friends, 'cause she's such a good friend to so many"...Wish I had Kathi's wisdom.  So pards, that's the update for now and I'll sure pass the word to you as I get it. 



Andy Nelson and Jim Nelson have created a special web-only "stay-at-home" benefit show for Belinda Gail. The show airs on a special broadcast of the award-winning Clear Out West (C. O. W.) radio show.

The show will be available for listening on demand here at the Clear Out West web site.

The special show includes cowboy poetry and Western music by Belinda Gail and Curly Musgrave, Jesse Smith, Sons of the San Joaquin, Colen Sweeten Jr., R.W. Hampton, Les Buffham, Wesley and Marilyn Tuttle, and Pat Richardson.



photo courtesy of Lori Faith Merritt; www.photographybyfaith.com






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