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The Ancient Calf Roper

He asked him what an old man like youís doing here
Roping calves and riding, chasing waspy steers
He said this is a young manís game built for those whoíre spry
Not for some old stoved up dude that time has passed on by

He said I rope for money, old timer you donít have a chance
Sporting rods and pins and such why you canít even dance
A rockin chair's a better choice for fellows aged and worn
How old is that dunn gelding, bet heís foaled before I was born

The laughter and the ribbing went on for a good while
The old man loped the Dunny with a quiet knowing smile
He backed him in the corner and when the chute was pried
The dunn horse moved in quickly the calf was roped and tied

His time was nothing special, why he didnít even place
But youíd a thought he won the world with that big smile upon his face
He wasnít roping for a win, those days had long since passed
Heís trying to best his own best time and for him this was real fast

The kid charged from the corner he reached his calf real quick
His loop came flying from his hands but it just didnít stick
He missed the head completely and coiled an empty rope
Then rode from that arena at a quiet sullen lope

And when he reached the other end there sat the old man straight
Old Dunny blocked the entrance as he passed on through the gate
The old man tipped his hat brim up and said son weíre both through
I didnít win the buckle but I damn sure just beat you

© 2016, PT Muldoon
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


PT Muldoon told us, "I started calf roping with friends after I turned 51 we all joke that weíre all a bit slower with our age and knee replacements, pins and rods and such but still very focused on getting better and improving our times. A lot of the high school rodeo kids practice at our place with us. The younger kids that come and practice at our place are always trying to go really fast while those of us with a bit of maturity work at being more consistent and the result is that sometimes our group prevails simply by getting the job done when the kids miss trying to go too quick."  




About PT Muldoon:

I live in Southern Michigan near the town of Onsted on the Michigan/Ohio border. Our area is known as the Irish Hills as most of the families that settled here came over from Ireland during the Great Potato Famine. Itís mainly an agricultural area with beautiful lakes and rolling pastures home to a lot of dairy and crop farming. Our home place is the Rockin PM Ranch, we milked Holsteins for a number of years and now we raise Corriente/Longhorn cross cattle and AQHA Quarter horses. Iím an engineer by trade and am the president of a small wire former (Homer Donaldson Co.) in Hudson Michigan. Iím married to my awesome wife Bobbie we have 8 children.



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