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We welcome your pictures. We're looking for images that give a glimpse of the ranching, cowboy, and rural and working life of the West of today and yesterday. We're looking for vintage photos and contemporary photos: family photos, images of where you live and work, and the area around you. 

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If you enjoy this feature, you may also be interested in our 
Western Memories Project, the personal recollections—many with photos—contributed by BAR-D visitors.  Your stories and photos are welcome.

We welcome your photos.

We're looking for images that give a glimpse of the ranching, cowboy, and rural and working life of the West of today and yesterday. We welcome vintage and contemporary photos:  family photos, images of where you live and work, and the area around you. 

Share your part of the West or the West of your past. To send photos and their descriptions, just email them to us.   

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October 15, 2012

New Mexico cowboy, poet, singer and songwriter Mike Moutoux writes a regular Ranch Notes blog at his web site. Below is a part of his most recent entry about gathering cattle in the Pecos Wilderness, along with some additional photos he shared for Picture the West.

I was back up in the Pecos Wilderness at the end of September to help bring out some cattle and things went so smoothly that there are few funny stories to share. No one set any picnic tables on fire, no one fell off their horse and no one locked themselves out of their truck. The humor instead came from the telling of stories around the fire each night. Randy and his dad especially are wonderful story tellers and have collected quite a few over the years. We are always hearing new ones.

I’m not real keen on asking guys to pose while I shoot photographs when we are working, but now and then, while holding up cattle, I sneak the camera out. I’ve included some photos so you can enjoy the scenery. [Above are] Randy Huston and his dad riding behind me as we get ready to drive the cows. That mountain in the back is Pecos Baldy.

Randy and Ben

The cattle were found where they like to hang out just a few miles from camp. We got them collected and strung out on the trail with few problems. Just above camp there is a thick stand of young oak which is a great place for cows to hide. Pushing them out was the most exciting part of our drive. I rode a stout horse named Dusty that Jim Jones will remember and we got along pretty good. I let out every piece of tack I had to get it to fit him, but he was very comfortable to ride. Sometimes those stout ones have your legs spread out too much for my comfort.


Looking through Dusty’s ears you can see some of the fall colors of the Pecos Valley in the background.

The Corrientes are nice looking cattle and I can’t resist showing you a few through Dusty’s ears.

Reminds me of a line from a song: “I like watching the world through my horse’s ears.” There are lots of ways to frame a view, but few are better than one you get through a horse’s ears.

The Pecos River

Mike has shared other photos for Picture the West:

  The "old guy" cowboying story and photos

New Mexico Centennial Cattle Drive

Cowboying in the Pecos Wilderness in northern New Mexico

  The New Mexico range where he works, near Silver City

Find some of Mike Moutoux's poetry and lyrics
 and more about him here and at his
web site.




See an index of all past photos here.

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