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Legends in the Sky

This storyís about two legends
One Red Rock, the other is Lane
A tale of how in rodeo
These two champions had gained their fame

Lane Frost was not just a cowboy
Although he loved to chute the bull
And even as his life ended short
His glass almost always half full

Those champion buckles filled his bag
As he hurried from town to town
Rodeo was a part of his life
Chuting bulls never got him down

No one said he is just a bull
When they would speak the name Red Rock
He knew his job and did it well
He was the baddest on the block

He would never chase or gore them
The riders he threw to the ground
Just prance off to the holding pen
Got ready for the next go round

Two champions in the arena
Just to prove who the best would be
Lane Frost came out of the series
Beating Red Rock by 4 to 3

Donít you weep for Lane or Red Rock
I can hear them at it again
The thunder you hear is Red Rock
And the whistle in the wind, is Lane

© 2010, Phil Rider
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

Phil comments, "'Legends in the Sky' was inspired by watching Lane Frost ride Red Rock in Redding, California, and the fact two good friends (Hookem and Ricky McKim) were bull riders. I tried bull riding one time and lasted about 15 seconds...then the chute was opened and the bull made a right turn as I went left, so I appreciate these athletes, both bull and rider. The lesson learned: bulls bad, bleachers good."




 About Phil Rider:

I was born in Vallejo, California. I now live in the southeast corner of Washington state, in the little farming town of Pomeroy. I grew up watching all the '60s Saturday westerns and still enjoy them today. I guess I always wanted to be a cowboy, ride fast and wear a double holster. It must be in my blood a little because I recently found out that a distant relative (Shorty) actually ran away from home as a teen to ride with Billy the Kid. Over the years I've owned horses and always enjoyed slipping into the past (mentally) as I rode along some great mountain trails in Northern California.

I enjoy writing and my art which I have combined in some pieces (matted and framed poetry and painting) as single piece of art. My sincere interest in writing began as a boy. As you might imagine, I started out writing simple poems, and, at certain times, more serious ones. So far, I have written approximately 150 poems which vary in theme and I've written one novel (What Goes Around, is Coming Back!) available in audio at I've also completed 15 chapters to the sequel. My art can be viewed at the web site along with a sample audio. A couple of the poems on the site will give you a glimpse of who I am, and what I find important, casual, and sometimes funny. Some of my poems have been published, and some have also won awards as with my art. With so much of the "Old West" slipping into the shadows, the cowboy poet can at least pass on some of our heritage. At one point in life, for approximately 10 years, I was a Western Dance instructor.

In addition to these things that inspired Western poetry, I have a strong respect for our soldiers under fire which inspired some of my military poems. I am also a veteran of the U.S. Army, having served in South Korea, as a young soldier. I also had the opportunity to serve our country, as a civilian, in Fallujah, Iraq, during 2005, 2006. During my stay, I was reminded several times how quickly a life can evaporate to nothing with a bullet, an IED or rocket. Friends made and lost in such a short time.



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