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The Rosecreek Poet
Hubbell, Nebraska
About Pamela R. Hoge


Rust in Peace

"Rust in Peace, Old Pardner."
The bent old farmer said.
As he patted her fender gently
And shook his tired grey head.

He knew their days together
In rain and sun and wind,
A pardnership that spanned the years
Had now come to an end.

He looked again at the emblems
Remembering the day
When he brought her home--sparklin' new
He drove her all the way.

From town, where the deal was made
And the contract sealed and signed,
A prouder owner--never found!
My how that baby shined!

As if it were only yesterday
The images appeared.
But time takes it's toll on man and machine
It had been more than 60 years.

The farmer was young and the tractor, new
The year was almost '29.
Together they built a livelihood
That endured the test of time.

But just as all good things must end,
Her useful time was past.
She sits at the edge of the meadow
Retired at long last.

And now just a fence row memory
Her spirit has been released...
But the farmer couldn't part with her
So he just let her rust in peace.

Pamela R. Hoge
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


About Pamela R. Hoge:

My home is nestled along the border of Nebraska, near Rosecreek (that's why I'm The Rosecreek Poet).  I've been happily married for 31 years (yeah, to the same guy!) and we have 4 great kids (both the boys are country singers, Man you ought to hear them!!)  I've written one book of Poetry.. It's called Reflections, My Legacy of Love and I have another one hovering near completion.  I'm an artist in several mediums including oils, watercolors, porcelain and cloth. Just a down home gal that loves to write, sing and enjoy life.  Had a battle a couple years ago with some cancer, but am hoping it will leave me alone now.  



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