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Nikole Yost Morgan

photograph of Nikole Morgan
 by John Michael Leppert


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We're pleased to feature "Dust," by Colorado photographer and working ranch wife Nikole Yost Morgan
as the special 2012 National Day of the Cowboy Art Spur subject.


© nikole morgan, www.wildoutwestphotography.com; reproduction prohibited

Nikole Morgan tells about the photograph:

"Dust" was taken on a ranch in Northern Colorado. A hot, dry day of preg checking cows led to one of my favorite photographs. It has the romantic cowboy look, but any cowboy knows there is nothing romantic or even pleasant about a long day of work in dusty corrals. It goes right along with "the cowboy riding off into the sunset"; what people don't realize is that cowboy still has two more hours of searching for a missing pair before he gets to unsaddle for the day."

This photograph was also featured in Picture the West in November, 2011.

Find more in Art Spur, which includes Nikole Morgan's own poem inspired by "Dust."

Nikole Morgan's web site tells that she is "a working ranch wife and mother photographing everything that "The West" represents, from cowboys and ranching to the wild outdoors and all of the scenery in between." Her subjects include Western life, ranching, equine, and wildlife. From her artist's statement:

I have quite a long history of “cowboys” and “cowgirls” in my family. My Great Great Grandfather was A.B. Snyder, also known as "Pinnacle Jake," who as a 20-year-old broke the horses that went to England with Buffalo Bill in his Wild West Exhibition, not to mention the rest of his very interesting life! My Great Grandmother Nellie Snyder Yost was inducted into the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame and received a Western Heritage Award from the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum for her western writings. She spent as much time working and driving cows in a side saddle as she did a western saddle. So, I’m especially proud to call myself one, “cowgirl,” that is!

I am very happy to have discovered this extra enjoyment of photography. Having only picked up a camera some four years ago, I realized how much fun I was having with it and tried to learn a little more about it every day. As my pictures started getting better and better I started getting some interest from people to purchase. I still do it for myself and to document our every day life in ranching, but am twice as pleased when someone purchases a print.

My husband, five-year-old daughter and I live on my husband's family ranch in northern Colorado where we work, play, and enjoy the ranching life.

She commented on her work in a November, 2011 Picture the West entry:

I take a lot of my pictures from the back of my horse, just documenting what we do day in and day out. Our way of life has so many wonderful photogenic qualities about it.

The scenery is the stuff movies are made of but the people are very real and they wear their emotions on their sleeves. You can see "everything" on a hard working cowboy or cowgirl's face. It makes for very strong feeling-evoking photographs and that is definitely what I am going for when I take them.

(See Yvonne Hollenbeck's photos and commentary about the Snyder and Yost families here in a Picture the West entry.)

Find Nikole Morgan's Wild Out West Photography on Facebook and Etsy.

See some examples of Nikole Morgan's photography below and visit her web site:





Nikole Morgan's Photography

View Nikole Morgan's work at www.wildoutwestphotography.com. Below are a few sample images.


© nikole morgan, www.wildoutwestphotography.com; reproduction prohibited
"Cory and Lapamino Driving Horses"


© nikole morgan, www.wildoutwestphotography.com; reproduction prohibited
"Can We Come In"


© nikole morgan, www.wildoutwestphotography.com; reproduction prohibited
Danny Sorting Heavies


© nikole morgan, www.wildoutwestphotography.com; reproduction prohibited
"Kandy and Jenny"


© nikole morgan, www.wildoutwestphotography.com; reproduction prohibited
"Reach Out and Touch Them"






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