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Mike Puhallo

Mike Puhallo, photo rustled from his web site

Featured in "The Big Roundup," an anthology of the best of CowboyPoetry.com.

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Happy Anniversary

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Small Boys, Trains, and Outlaws

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Happy Anniversary!


Wild and free, and twenty-three,

It don’t seem that long ago,

I married a pretty Miss I’d met,

at the hometown rodeo.

Now I never was no handsome dude,

And she was pretty as can be,

So I suppose her friends was wonderin,

Just what she saw in me!

She’s been by my side ever since,

Through the good times, wrecks and tears.

Somehow it don’t seem possible,

We’ve been married thirty years.

While I’ve gained some weight and lost some hair,

She’s still pretty as can be,

And I’ve spent thirty years a wonderin’

Just what she sees in me!


© 2006, Mike Puhallo
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Mike wrote this poem on for his and Linda Puhallo's 30th wedding anniversary. Ticture is of their 25th, and the photo on the cake is a wedding photo.


Small Boys, Trains, and Outlaws

There was derelict old Steam engine,
I played on when I was ten,
I'd hear that lonesome whistle blow,
and the old west would live again,

I rode with Billy Miner's gang,
To rob The CPR,
Climbed onboard that rusty engine,
hollering, "Shorty, check the baggage car!"

I wonder if the ghost of ol' Bill Miner,
ever watched us at our play,
Small boys re-enacting,
a near forgotten day.

Forty years and more have passed,
I still hear that lonesome whistle blow
My pony snorts impatiently,
She knows it's time to go.

"Pull up your masks and draw your pistols!"
We come around the engine at a run,
Three riders on fast horses,
flashing hooves and blazing gun.

That very same old engine,
I played on as a child,
Now hauls tourists back in time,
to when the West was wild.

Old railroad men and cowboys,
re-enact a bygone day,
While the grinning ghost of Billy Miner,
watches us at play.

© 2004, Mike Puhallo
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Mike Puhallo spent the summer of 2004 robbing trains. 

He sent the following photos and commentary:

Photo by Linda Puhallo

The actual Robbery that we re-enact took place about twenty miles out of town in 1906.

Pictured below is the steam Engine CPR # 2141 which the Kamloops Heritage Railway Society has spent 10 years and countless volunteer hours restoring to a "better than new" condition.   

The BX Stagecoach is a replica of the coaches that served this area from  1858 until the 1920's, owned by the city of Kamloops and operated by Larry Foss and the BX Stagecoach company.

The old CPR Station in the background was built in 1910 and is now a steak house catering to the tourists. Various robbers and ne'er-do-wells lurk around the station as usual.   

The Bill Miner gang (headed by Larry Foss as Bill Miner) includes a half dozen of us who take turns between other commitments.

For more info folks can check out www.kamrail.com or www.westerneventskamloops.com.


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Books and CDs
Contacting Mike Puhallo

Read about Mike Puhallo's Exploring Our Western Heritage Youth Education Program, which includes some additional poetry (The Dream Team of the Cariboo and Dog Creek, Where Our Traditions Began) here.

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