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Cowboy For Hire

It's gonna be a cold winter, but not too cold to fear,
Cause I went through a colder, and meaner one last year.
In no time, frostbite got a finger, and two of my toes,
 I don't miss them near as much as I do my poor ol' nose.
Then there was that summer, down around Santa Fe.
It was so hot that year, the lizards wouldn't come out to play.
I got sunburned so bad, after wadin' in the creek,
My skin was like a saddle you hoped wouldn't squeak.
I've been through two mounts already, now riding on my third
I keep wearin hosses out, chasin' after them big ol' herds.
I have my rifle oiled down, an' my saddle cinched tight,
Hopin' nothin' is amiss, as I ride guard tonight.
Loneliness and misery are the company I keep.
Prayin' all day long for a good sound night of sleep.
My way of life is not the one most good folks desire,
But I'll be the first to show where there's cowboys to hire.

2005, Monte Franks 
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Forever In the Saddle

I dreamed of joining the Cavalry, and riding into battle,
But instead of fighting Indians, I wound up chasing cattle.
Punching cows weren't no easy job, what with the riding and the weather.
I'd ponder about rescuing damsels while I got blisters from my leather.
Smooth with the ladies, and fast with a gun, I figured I would one day be.
Then one of the boys would kick me awake, and run me from under my tree.
When it came to me of a sudden one day, I had everything, so it would seem.
Although I grumbled an awful lot, I knew I was living my dream.
To do over again, I surely would. No damsels, no made up battle.
Just days and nights of riding the range, forever in the saddle.

1993, Monte Franks 
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


About Monte Franks:

In May, 2005, Monte told us: 

I have been training to go to Iraq. We leave out mid-May

I am originally from Alabama, currently from Georgia. I have always loved the cowboy lifestyle, though my own life has led more towards military. I have a beautiful wife, and two wonderful kids.



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