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Friday Morning with Wet Cork Books

Hour before sun up, itís raining hard,
This crummy and crew smell like rancid lard.

They say it rains here a lot on the coast,
I canít disagree with that cheery toast.

In dirty clothes soaked with diesel and sweat.
Wonít be quittiní time for ten hours yet.

Luncheon menu for this cold dreary day,
Is exactly the same as yesterday.

Windows steaming up, watches ticking down,
Why canít we just start heading back to town?

My rain gear has been torn, ripped and poked,
Depressingly soon Iíll be totally soaked.

Heater blastiní warm air through wet gloves,
Canít believe itís the job each of us loves.

My attitude wouldnít be so damn bleak,
If wasnít so gloomy each day this week.

Thermos cup drained of last coffee swig,
Foreman says ďfellas time to exit this rig.Ē

Throwing doors open the damp rushes in,
Time for lacing up my cork boots again.

Those hob-nail havens of ankle support,
Essential gear of this forestry sport.

Trying one more time this week to convince,
Warmly socked feet not to shrivel and wince.

Another long day in wet soggy boots,
Itís time boot grease and I, join in cahoots.

© 2010, Mike Payne, from Rings of a Forester
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


("Crummy" is a logging slang term to mean crew bus, that which hauls the crew to the job site.)




  About Mike Payne
provided 2011

Mike Payne grew up in the 1950s and 1960s, the only son of an Oregon logger. Like many folks of his baby boomer generation, he was raised in two worlds, with one foot firmly planted in the hills and valleys of his rural hillbilly ancestry, and the other foot probing forth toward a more citified life style. The first of his family to attend college, he received two bachelor degrees in Forestry from Oregon State University in 1976. Forsaking the family logging business, he began his forestry career in 1974 as a summer intern in Dallas, Oregon for Willamette, Industries, Inc, a company purchased by Weyerhaeuser Company in 2002. His entire career has been spent working for these two companies.

Perhaps every generation sees themselves as the chosen few to bridge the gap between the idyllic times of a bygone era and the reality of todayís busier world. For some completely unknown reason it just seems important to the author to share a few of his experiences, thoughts and sensibilities with others.

Rings of a Forester is his inaugural foray into the somewhat lonely, somewhat scary world of recording oneís thoughts on a blank page.

If you enjoy this work, he can be contacted at:


Rings of a Forester is 130 pages of primarily of forestry/logging related poetry with a few short stories sprinkled in as well. It can be ordered from here where there are preview pages of the book, or for $18 postpaid from:

Mike Payne
1658 SW Knollbrook Place
Corvallis, Oregon 97333




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