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Coyotes sing early today

Up at 2 to feed the cow ponies,
slip on my boots buckle the spurs.
Fill the grain sacks and spread the hay
... we are riding today!
Set out the saddles, blankets, match up the bits
Make sure this day goes without a hitch.

Coyotes sing early this mornin

Embers in the stove still hot from evening stew
throw on some cedar logs, bank a fire, open the flue,
cedar smoke risen, coffee brewin, rich pine scented mist.
all still asleep early in early morning rain.
As the coffee brews, bacon sizzles,

Cowboys rollin out of the bunks,
streachin and yawnin,
getting ready for a cold damp gathering day.

Pete is first to the coffee
Got to have the heavy brew
Jigger boss for the O-O for more than anyone knew,
Workin cows, ridin ponies, he aint no phony
walks a little bent forward,
bowl legged as he can be,
face like tanned leather in the summer’s heat,
kindest man one can ever meet.
steps outside the bunkhouse gets a handle on the day,
sips some coffee from his favorite old, bent, tin cup.

“Light rain should be with us throughout the day,
Listen! To the coyotes promenade,”

Cowboys sittin around the table,
not much talkin, no ones joshin,
there’s Jim Barnes, oldest of the crew,
greatest cow hand I knew,
Ray Simpson can throw a rope from end to end,
Cal Bryant never short to show his grin,
Dan Wilson and Buck Walters new to the crew,
Strangest two fellers I knew

coyotes sing in morning dew

Mount our horses in the morning night;
spur ponies to flight,
their nostrils flare,
their deep breath streams in the morning air,
ride cowboys ride take a deep seat,
your powerful steeds will earn their keep!

their pounding hooves keep a deafening beat
hardened trail becomes steep,
Every stride their muscles peak
coyote choir too meek

Sun rising we start gatherin,
Baldy momma’s start their callin,
babies ballin.
Cow dogs barkin’

Coyotes growlin

time to move where the winter grass does keep
the river runs deep

Coyotes gather wait to prey,
waitin for the stray to wander their way,
with rope in hand I turn my steed,
gallop into the canyons night to turn the stray.

Past deep canyon walls, over rocky trails,
down steep ravens I track the pair.
Coyotes gathering without care,
my steed gives a watchful stare.
Upon the pair I ride, spurrin my steeds hide,
drive her back to the herd where she can hide,

coyotes lose their pride
Push the herd twenty miles or two,
past red canyon walls the Apache once knew
opens to a valley dome,
where we call home,
where the water runs deep
winter grass easy keeps

A hungry coyote sleeps.

© 2013, Mike Hudson, All Rights Reserved
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's  permission.



   About Mike Hudson
provided 2013

I was born in Tombstone, Arizona and have been chasing cows and riding since I was a youngster. I work for area ranches and enjoy
the camaraderie that comes from workin with good cowboys from dawn till dusk, and then some. One of my favorite things to do is
to teach families to ride horses, take them on trail rides and bring families together. There is nothing better than riding through the primitive country of Arizona and New Mexico wondering who has ridden this path before Apaches, an outlaw, maybe just good honest cowboys? I enjoy team ropin, even though I am not good, but it's on horse back so I will enjoy it. Nothing better than a good summer day, chasing wild cows, the smell of leather and the aroma of a wet horse!



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