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Have You Ever Tried to Shoe a Horse?

Have you ever tried to shoe a horse,
that did not want to be shod?
Some would say itís like trying to pin a tail
on some old crazy demented bull frog.

They jump and kick and twirl,
even before theyíre caught.
Always, to the ownerís surprise,
so proud of what they bought.

Yes, trying to shoe a horse,
that does not want to be shod.
Can be like trying to tackle,
some old angry nasty hog.

So standing there you think to yourself,
can this really be.
The one they said was good to shoe,
are you sure it isnít he?

Just like any good shoer,
you set to finish the job.
Even when that good horse Rudy,
kicked the fly from off top your knob.

Itís not a task for the faint hearted,
or even the experienced you see.
Thatís why the good lord created rookies
hats off, Iím glad itís not me!

© 2013, Mike Frazier
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's permission.


Mike comments, "My inspiration for writing this poem came from the simple fact that horse shoeing is tough, especially for the ones that make it a career. I have often told my clients that, ďIf it was easy, everyone would do it.Ē I wanted to give horse owners a chance to see the art of horse shoeing through the farrierís eyes.



A Hundred Years Too Late

If there ever was a man,
born a hundred years too late.
Well that would be my dad,
who missed that ever important date.

You see the word cowboy,
is not just his way of life;
Itís the fabric of his being,
the material that beats his strife.

I have never met a man,
with more grit in his blood;
His ability to get the job done,
when itís tough and in the mud.

Itís his understanding of horses,
that gives him a sense of pride.
He knows whatís in their soul,
he sees whatís deep inside.

He prefers riding fence,
and pushing cows along the way;
Like sleeping in a bedroll,
all night of every day.

Itís really the simple pleasures,
that set this man apart;
From the hustle of this world,
and whatís found within his heart.

If I had to put an attribute,
that confirmed his missed birth date.
It would be integrity,
thatís not so popular as of late.

Iím not saying that heís perfect,
itís not the point of these words;
But when my father speaks,
people listen, his voice is heard.

So I have often wondered,
why the Lord would let this be;
For me to be the one,
born of a man as great as he.

Yes, my dad is the man,
born a hundred years too late.
Heaven knows Iím truly grateful,
he decided to stay and wait.

© 2013, Mike Frazier
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's permission.


Mike comments, "This poem is a tribute to my father, Doug Frazier, a life-time farrier/cowboy, who I have always looked up to.



   About Mike Frazier
provided 2014

My name is Mike Frazier. son of Doug Frazier and Susan Burt. I was born in Burley, Idaho and for the most part raised in Pocatello. My employment with Shell Exploration and Production Co. currently has me living in Big Piney, Wyoming. I was never raised on an official ranch but the cowboy lifestyle and horses greatly influenced my upbringing.

I am married to a wonderful and most beautiful woman named Emily and have three children, Avery, Brooke, and Wyatt, with possible plans of a fourth addition.

Along with my day job as a production operator for Shell I have been a professional farrier for nine years. Having the trade passed down to me from my father, most all of my spare time is used up taking care of my clients and sometimes their owners too.

Outdoors is where I like to spend my time; so much so, some might consider me an enthusiast. I have many hobbies including but not limited to fly fishing, hunting, and mountain biking.

I have never considered myself a writer of any fashion but have found myself intrigued by cowboy poetry and the western life style. Often I have played with words in my mind of the experience I have had while shoeing horse and life in general and one day decided to put pin to paper.





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