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Her Last

We made do with a gate and pushed it up tight
to keep her up on her feet and her tail just right
we spoke to her calm and touched her real gentle
with voices kept low and words that were simple
she knew what to do she had done this before
which made us feel better about what was in store

We felt she was able as she had been in the past
only this one was different this one's her last
she had always been great as a mother before
which is why we all hoped for just one more

We knew what to do and how to make it work out
this still didn't keep us from being in doubt
as I waited and stood with all of my thoughts
Charley set up a couple of cots
at the end of the barn beside the corral
the three of us listened to the coyotes howl

It then became time to do what we could
by carefully holding and helping she should
once again be a mother just one more time
as we stood there watching she did just fine
her new colt was strong and stood up fast
just like the many she had in the past

Not just a mare but a friend and a pal
with the four of us standing beside the corral
there that night under cold open skies
the miracle of life before all of our eyes

2006, Michael Jeffreys
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


We asked Michael about the inspiration for this poem, and he told us: I was inspired to write it by actual events I had experienced approximately
35 years ago on a small ranch in California. While this poem is quite simple and humble in content, it allows me to recall very fond memories and images from that time.



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