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I could tell you was a cowboy 
by the clothes you wore 
and the dust that breathed out 
the sides of your hat, 
the wooliness of your chaps, 
the listing of your walk and the kind of talk 
only such-like as them use. 

Could you mount two horses at once, 
like a trick rider at Burwell, 
or does your wishbone stretch that far without breaking? 
With your head hanging down the crupper 
and the people gasping at the nearness of your 
crack-pot to the horseshoes. 

Listen, that kind of riding is for girls in white buckskin 
and arenas with the manure shooed out. 

I have been back-bit, foot stomped, mashed, throwed, 
barb-wired, ear-tore, eye-blacked, bucked and rib-kicked 
by colts, fillies, mares, studs, old one-eyed horses and wall-eyed mules. 

I rode them all and I stand before you now, 
shorter and rolling when I walk, 
telling these tales with the dust roiling behind me like a wall.

2010, Mary "Kat" Logan
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Mary comments, "My uncle, John Mullins is a very well known trainer and breeder of Appaloosas, his foundation sire was a horse named Little Navajo Joe, and I used to go during summers and help out on his ranch in upstate New York.  I would have liked to have gone more, but it's a long way from Nebraska. The Burwell part of course is from the big rodeo here in Nebraska that I have gone to many times, so it's kind of a combination of my experiences with horses with my uncle and watching trick riders at the rodeo."




  About Mary Logan:

I live in Lincoln, Nebraska, am looking for work as a freelance writer or animal caretaker. I have always written poems and short stories of all genres. Right now I am enjoying seeing my baby grandson grow and taking care of my golden retriever. I still ride horses (and motorcycles) when I get a chance! 




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