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Crookston, Minnesota
About Mark Edevold





A Funny Horse

Do horses have a sense of humor?
I've a suspicion that they might
I know for sure they know directions
and some seem to know wrong from right
some horses just plain don't give a damn
some, all they want to do is play
I guess I know a couple cowboys
kinda act about the same way
Well I was riding my old bay gelding
I always thought he was real good broke
at least he'd always acted that way
til one day he decided to pull a joke
they say humor is mostly timing
and that horse had it down to a tee
I'd slipped my right boot outta the stirrup
and was kinda scratching behind my knee
he took a humped up sideways crowhop
and I landed with more a plop than a thud
then he stood and watched me get up
covered head to toe in mud
Well I mounted back up and we rode on
the old bay didn't make no more fuss
but he kept his right ear cocked back
just to listen to me cuss

2007, Mark Edevold
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Mark told us, "I wrote this poem while I was thinking about how horses have personalities and character traits similar to people, and to cowboys in particular."


  About Mark Edevold:

I own two horses now and have had horses off and on since I was a kid and a couple years back helped a friend break/start a couple colts. I also bought my current two bay geldings back in 1998 when they were green-broke 2 year olds, and had quite a bit of fun getting them trained and dependable. I am also a guitar player, and I write a few songs now and then.
In live in Crookston, Minnesota, which is up in the NW corner of the state, and I also lived in Colorado, New Mexico, and Montana, and have a love of the West and the rural/ranching way of life. I work In a little town called Gonvick, Minnesota, where we have a family business making Mrs. Olson's Lefse (, which we sell all over the country. This is a picture of me with a Big Dipper Ice scooper, which I invented and patented.



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