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Mark A. Warmerdam
Pleasanton, California
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Jedediah Smith: Mountain Man

The sound of rushing water keeps his mind at ease,
As his painted pony picks and steps his careful way
Among the speckled rocks, around the fallen trees,
Along the river's edge at the dawning of the day.

As easily familiar as his favorite beaver hat,
And like the comfort that his tattered Bible brings,
These massive, granite mountains are his natural habitat,
These sparkling, twisting rivers, the hopeful song he sings.

So up the rugged canyon and toward the distant peaks,
He rides with easy memories of family and home,
He stops beside the river to let his pony drink,
And calls to mind again the reason that he roams.

Sights have filled his eyes that no white man's ever seen
And he's lived in blood and bone what lesser men have only dreamed,
But in the end he knows, it's what his Father has decreed,
A passage through the mountains, a coming to the western sea.

2003, Mark A. Warmerdam

Mark tells us he came to write this poem "after researching the life of Jedediah Smith with the aim of understanding how he lived his Christian faith."


About Mark A. Warmerdam:

I have been writing poetry since my college days (a long time ago--the1960's).  Most of it is written from a Christian perspective and in traditional rhyme and meter. I have a webpage at: http://home.comcast.net/~narrowgate/ if anyone would like to see more
of my poetry.





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