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Code of Heritage

He sat upon Great-Grandpa's knee
and heard real tales of history
by one who lived from lawless days
to spaceship flights and huge highways,
of cowboys workin' on the plains
who rode through blizzards and peltin' rains,
and droughts that seared the grass till gone
so cattle herds grew gaunt and drawn.
   Great-Grandpa's eyes were faded old
   but glowed as Old West tales were told.

Child leaned his head on the old man's chest
and learned about the creed of the West,
the code of honor they taught their son
so he stood tall with everyone
when handshakes meant that deals were made
and promises were kept and paid.
The five-year-old was filled with pride
at stories told, and sat wide-eyed.
   Great-Grandpa's eyes were faded old
   but glowed as Old West tales were told.

He said that good men never lie;
they keep their word till day they die.
Integrity gains more than greed;
they stretch a hand to those in need,
and help with chores when friends are ill
and grieve with kin as breath falls still.
They don't stab friends behind their backs
and help protect them from attacks.
   Great-Grandpa's eyes were faded old
   but glowed when Old West tales were told,

The old man talked of modern days,
how values changed so many ways,
of generations that lived and died
on family land they held with pride,
and how important in this age
to teach the youth of heritage,
traditions they must know, to keep.
The child had fallen fast asleep.
   Great-Grandpa's eyes were faded old
   but glowed as Old West tales were told.

Marianne McNeil Logan, from her book, Designed by Heritage
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without permission.

Marianne says "I wrote 'Code of Heritage' to show pride in my own ranching heritage, and to point out how much values have changed in the modern world."


About Marianne McNeil Logan:

I was raised on the Quarter Circle U north of Rapid City, SD. Came to Texas in 1962 with my Air Force husband and three sons. Helped establish cowboy poetry in the Texas Panhandle in 1986, and helped organize the Cowboy Poetry Breakfasts at the world-famous Big Texan Steak Ranch in 1991, the only monthly event of its kind in the entire country.

I organized many events for writers in the Panhandle, including the Sr. Citizens'  Writers Group where 56 members were published, and the Tri-State
Fair Literary Awards where entries from all over the U.S., Hawaii, England and Norway were received. Three of my poetry chapbooks won five National awards.

Among Marianne McNeil Logan's books are: Girls Write Cowboy Poetry, Too; Designed by Heritage, and Winds of the Panhandle.  Each is available for $6.00 plus 1.00 postage from: Marianne McNeil Logan, 2700 S Roosevelt, Amarillo, TX 79103




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