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I Think I'll Keep Him

He's got big ears and his bray could wake the dead.
And he thinks he knows it all
So he never listens to what's said.
Once or twice I've had to show him who's boss
Just to avoid havoc and mayhem.
But he's pretty good company, I reckon
So, yeah, I think l I'll keep him.

Did I mention he ain't too bright.
He'll stick that big nose of his somewhere it don't belong
And get us into a fight
The chances of us winnin' are none to mighty slim.
But, all and all, he's pretty game.
So, yeah, I think I'll keep him.

He still pulls his weight though he's seen better days.
But he's always there when the coffee boils
In the early pre-dawn haze.
And when his song comes bouncin' back to me
From off the far canyon's rim
It's kinda' comfortin', somehow.
So, yeah, I think I'll keep him.

Some folks will call him a fool
Stayin' up here with me
And I know he can never take the place of another mule,
With his run down boot heels and curled up hat brim.
But for a human man he ain't half bad.
So, yeah, I think I'll keep him.

2012, Lynn F. Kopelke
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Lynn comments, "I get my 'inspiration' from the country around me. The Enumclaw plateau is a beautiful place. There happen to be mules nearby."



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  About Lynn Kopelke:
provided 2012

Lynn Kopelke, aka The Comic Cowboy of Cumberland, started out singing around campfires on both sides of the Cascade mountains. He moved on to guest ranches and county fairs. Senior centers and biker bars have enjoyed his cowboy music, original poetry, goofy humor, and really big hats. Lynn's thriving ragwort farm and cat ranch lies two miles south of Cumberland, Washington. Stop on by.



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