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About Brad "Lucky" Irish

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The Cowboy

It's a different man that wear's a cowboy hat,
he's a breed all of his own.
He don't mind friends and parties,
but prefer's to be alone.
He's as tough as nails and tender too,
and you just can't keep him down.
Cause he'll get back up and grit his teeth,
then come back for another round.

Through rain and snow it's all the same,
the work don't ever stop.
He just want's to live a simple life,
he's not trying to be on top.
This kind of work it drains his soul,
and it damn near breaks his back.
So a Cowboy is the only man,
who can live a life like that.

He's not into expensive cars,
or other fancy things.
A simple home and a loyal pup
is the life that fills his dreams.
He gets up to watch the sunrise,
every morning from his porch.
Then it's down the steps headed for the barn,
to saddle up his horse.
And he'll ride his range and mend his fence,
just like the day before.
Always busy and constantly tired,
a cowboys life just ain't no bore.

Day in day out the same old thing,
he takes it all with a grain of salt.
He won't yell and cuss or break down and cry,
he knows it's no ones fault.
It's just the life he lives and the life he loves,
and he's known that from the start.
Being a Cowboy ain't bout where you live,
it's bout what's inside your heart.

It's the life we choose and the life we live,
cause it's the life that's in our hearts.

About Brad "Lucky" Irish

I was born and raised in La Junta, CO.  I'm 28 years old and I have been writing since I can remember.  It's always been my outlet of sorts.  I'm am currently working as an Electrical Technician.  When I'm not trying to electrocute myself, I spend my time doing what I love.  Anything that has to do with horses.   You name it, I'll do it (or try to do it anyway).  I help out my buddies with their livestock and ranches.  I'm saving right now to buy a hundred acres and start my own little place.  I'm just a simple country boy.  Hell, I couldn't imagine being anything else.



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