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Sounds in the Night

Oh, the gulls they scream
When I would dream
In the early hours of the morn;
For you cannot snore
Along the shore
With the sound of their raucous horn.

Now the coyote's howl
And the wildcat's growl
Would never disturb my rest;
For the sounds they make
Do not keep you awake
"Cause you know you are safe in the West.

So, I cannot but spurn,
Though others may yearn
For the sounds of the rolling sea.
I but live for the day
When I may away
To the West, where again I'll feel free!

1964, Lucille Almquist
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.



About Lucille Almquist:

Lucille Almquist's daughter Vicki Hentschel shared this poem, and told us:

Lucille Striebel Almquist was born in 1915 in River Falls, Wisconsin. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1938 and worked for many years for the National Park Service. This poem was written in 1964, shortly after relocating to the east coast from Medora, North Dakota.  She died in May 1978 in Roswell, New Mexico, and is buried in Medora, North Dakota.



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